Sizzle over T20 Cricket

Oh wow that proud moment when sri lanka won the T20 world cup last night.  I have stayed away from watching cricket from start to end since I got married and was always concerned to find out who won.
That was it and last night was the same scenario until the sizzling food in front of me called for some entertainment and non was more suitable than watching T20 world cup. Sri lankans playing their way all over in Bangladesh and the excitement I got after every 6’s and fours made me go back to my spinster days when I used to watch the cricket from start to end praying sri lanka should win.
Todays match was sure an unforgettable one for me and for the two retiring cricket legends of sri lanka sanga and mahela.
Amidst this good cricket I managed to get a few videos of my sizzling food and drink which I really enjoyed sharing on Instagram.




The smoking lemon juice with the dancing slice of lime cheering the cricket on screen was fun. It was so bubbly and I managed to get hold of that ice cube which was making the juice smoke and boil and finally ended up placing it under the straw so the straw choke and splashed lime juice all over the table. Thats a nice fun game if it was not just lime juice I’d repeat it.



The hot sizzling main course I chose seafood and my choice was the best. It was easy to eat, delicious and filling. I find the chicken dish a bit hard.



The nutty brownie with an ice cream hat which lay around boiling caramel which was really hot and bubbly.
I tried to spoon all three into my mouth and burnt my tongue.  I still feel the pain of eating hot food yet I love food while its a bit warm not boiling hot.

Do visit my Instagram page to watch the video as am not able to upload the videos here. Soon I will upgrade my account until then enjoy my pictures.
I think the food at sizzles is too expensive although the portion is filling and the experience is unique which is fine to dine at the sizzle once but not twice. They do add extra charges for vat, tax and service charges which I believe most restaurants include in the price list of the food and are often hidden on the bill which makes the bill reasonable.
All in all the sizzle is something you should visit on rainy days and during winter but good only for visit once not twice I wouldn’t like to go back. Food is good but expensive as we can go for buffet at kingsburry for that cost. Going there with kids get a stroller or pram and some toys to keep babies entertained.
Kids above two can color which they provide paper and colors at the restaurant and they display the work at the front notice board.
Check their menu online at the sizzle srilanka so you can plan ahead.
They do have takeaway and delivery.


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