Environmental Day Activity (reusable bags for free)

World environment day is something we really need to mark on our calendars and have a checklist ready to double check our environment day resolutions.  Yes, unlike newyear resolutions environmental day resolutions are a must for every human being no matter the race, culture and country.  This is what am gonna introduce to the world. We all need to make a checklist and write down the resolutions for environmental day in our diary or calendars.  What did we want to to do and what we have achieved?  What have we not achieved?  Are we really environmental friendly inhabitants of this world?  Do we really have to live an environmental friendly life? Yes we all should lead a life environmental friendly and keep our homes, city and country clean and tidy from eny pollution. Learning starts at home and so should we start implanting the necessary steps to keep the world free from pollution and make it a better place for the future generations to live.

Why do supermarkets sell

reusable bags for free and give those shopping bags that are unfriendly to the environment for free???
“Environmental friendly” should not be a business promoting name in the market instead it should be used solely for the purpose of promoting good amongst the community.
Are these supermarkets really promoting environmental friendly products for good?
Can’t environmental friendly shopping bags be given like those membership cards in the supermarkets and hypermarkets?
People can get one large reusable bag which has a tag on it’s handle for the membership bar code so people will not forget to bring the bags with them the next time they come to enter those points earned and be emailed for those lovely offers and draws.
If they need extra bags in that case selling is fine, isn’t it?
Why give so many free shopping bags and pollute the environment?
Why cant they use all the money spent on so many disposable bags and give free reusable bags?

It all starts from the supermarket and it’s not the consumers first step to pay extra when they can save it and get some free disposable bags which you dont need to spend some space to to store the reusable ones.

Lets get an environmental day resolution for us the public who pollute the environment. We don’t do it on purpose but it’s all a coincidence. We litre the toffe wrap wondering will that small paper make a big difference and thats where it all starts. The main thought if a small paper can make a big difference. Yes that thought leads us to towards other people’s action. We can even begin to think if only we can make the environment a better place by following the necessary guidelines to keep the environment free from pollution. We even go beyond sometimes and start to compare ourselves with the majority and start abandoning the minority lifestyle.

We think if only ourselves go in search of a garbage bin to litre a small toffe wrap can thise environment be free from pollution?
Can I encourage others to do the same?
Can I stop others from littering the environment?
yes you sure can if you want to

People don’t follow rules sometimes and they follow others. Yes we are in a competitive world where some do what the others do. So you stop throwing tiny bits on the road and others will think about it.