Experimenting with fruits






storing fresh strawberries are tough for me and we hardly buy them as they rotten fast before  i find some time to make them into a dessert. i decided to puree them with no water and just 2 teaspoons of sugar.

i stored them in my fridge so i can use it when ever i want. as an experiment i stored 3 strawberries i the freezer to see how long they stay fresh.

today is the 2nd day and they are still fine. i guess the best way to store strawberries is freeze them. yes they will not rotten when frozen. or puree them and refrigerate for a week.

do not add water to the puree and to make it into a fresh strawberry jam add some extra sugar.


i drizzled some strawberry puree over my fruit salad with some whipped cream and it was delicious.


A slice of my left over homemade bread was eaten with some whipped cream and strawberry puree. it was low sugar but delicious and fresh. use up the strawberry puree with anything you want or add them to your cakes to make strawberry cupcakes.

just puree them and leave in the fridge until you use them up.

am glad to have discovered a way on my own to store them without any internet search.

hope you enjoyed this tip.


strawberry puree


15 strawberrries

2 teaspoon sugar


  1. add both the ingredients onto a blender and blend till well pureed.
  2. refrigerate in a plastic or glass bottle.

so far keeps well for upto 4 days.


  • add more sugar if need a sweeter version.
  • use as a topping for ice cream, cakes, fruit salads or even milk shakes