Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

My strawberry jam which i made last week is now 10 days old and is still good to eat. so there is plenty of spread for some slices of bread. I was in a mood for bread with jam and butter. can there be anything better than homemade and personally hand made which is sugar free? yes when you make something that’s healthy and sugar free you try to eat it all and enjoy it thats because we all like to be proud of what we have cooked don’t we?

having said that I slowly cheated myself by sprinkle a bit of sugar over my butter as I can stand the totally sugar  free thing especially the strawberries.

so my recipe to make sugar free jam is just puree the strawberries in your blender and store in the fridge. in to days it will be set like jam.

 some of my food photography and styling practice with my strawberry pureed jam


20140511_164214_6_bestshot 20140511_164310_2_bestshot


20140511_163906_2_bestshot 20140511_163909_8_bestshot