Red velvet cupcakes

Did I just give this post the heading red velvet cupcake?
Ooops yea.
I’ve never imagined myself to be addicted to red velvet cupcakes.
The sound red velvet gives me a velvety feeling and I thought these red velvet cupcakes ingredients lists are too big.
The recipe slightly varies in many sites and books but it all made me think it tastes weird.
The fact that vinegar is used in it keeps me away from trying it out.
So why did I start a post?
Well do you know I love challenges?  Yes I took this recipe as a challenge and started of with bringing down the ingredients to my worktop.
I opted to try martha stewerts recipe which poped up on the first few search results over the Internet.
Marthas recipe called for buttermilk which I substituted with some milk and butter while I also substituted vegetable oil with olive oil. I doubted if I did the right thing by substituting olive oil for vegetable oil and I received the answer as ‘yes’ after baking.
The recipe called for red gel food coloring which I used wilton brand. I guess wilton brand red gel color is not the ideal choice as the color was not strong enough and was rather pale red after baking.
The cake batter was red and beautiful, did I mention red as my favourite color? Well red is one of my favourite colors where white and black follows red. Yes I’ve got three favourite colors.
So baking in my microwave is what I love as it saves time and electricity unlike baking in an electronic oven which takes a long time to bake yet the taste is better when done in an electronic or gas oven unlike microwave.
So here are some images of my red velvet cup cakes.





Cream cheese frosting oh no I wouldn’t have bought a cupcake with it if I have never tried it now. Yea I never imagined cheese to go well with icing sugar even after having tasted cheese cakes for dessert. Wow! cream cheese is a good option for those who prefer low sugar icing with no butter. Some hate butter, I know. I meed to experiment alot.
It’s always better to taste something and find out rather than assuming or imagining. That’s a lesson learnt at the end of baking these red velvet cupcakes.

My invention test
I decided to go one step ahead and invent something. I thought i will create a dessert of my own.
Here is my recipe –

red velvet trifle

1 red velvet cupcake
1 oreo biscuit
1 teaspoon condensed milk
2 teaspoons fresh milk
2 tablespoons whipped cream
1 tablespoon chocolate shaving

1. Mix together fresh and condensed milk.
2. Soak the orea and leave aside draining the milk.
3. Crumble the red velvet cupcake and add onto a serving glass.
4. Pour the milk from the orea dipping over the red velvet cupcake.
5. Place the oreo on top.
6. Pipe some whipped cream over and sprinkle the chocolate shavings.
Serve with a scoop of ice cream if required.

This is a dessert idea ideal for bachelor’s and spinsters who wanna go for something quick, easy yet homely and made by themselves.
Nowadays you can find everything readily available on store including dessert bowls and spoons.

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