Fathers day


He was the managing director of stylo travels colombo.

The person who fed me, gave me the love for food, taught me how to eat, cooked for me, and ate my food too is no more with us. It’s a shocking news for a daughter who loved the father no matter how he was and was proud to say he is my father and I look like him although he is not the handsomest person. It’s the heart that matters not looks is what he reminds me.
He forgave, fought,  laughed with,  loved, earned,  spent, ate and fed many people and am one of those living examples.  I inherited his love for food, his love for dallo aka squid or cuttlefish.  I inherited his love for buriyani. I inherited his bistake recipe and started adding lots of chillie powder for all my gravies. These are the little food memories I cherish and laugh over. Last year our unplanned visit to sizzles was on fathers day and I still remember how happy we were to have treated him on such a day. I remember him going to malwana to pluck rambutung and visiting the carnival parlour with a flem and having an ice cream cone just to give us some company. He took us to buffets and playfully asked if we really were people who deserved a buffet as my siblings ate less.
He loved seafood at the ocean and was so fond of it that he took all his Arab friends there for lunch or dinner.
Today its 14 days since he passed away and he will be missed for ever.
Yes it was last sunday morning that we got the most unbelievable news that he has passed away.
The wonderful memories will live within every human being he met. He was such a humble and generous man, he forgave those wronged him and helped those who wanted. He was at father who woke up early to make us a cup of tea to send us off to school and a dad who kept telling the benefits of consuming water early in the morning and making sure the school van driver waited a few minutes until we finished our tea.
There was a time he cooked us all three meals and took care of our needs.
He never scolded us to study but he kept a race between me and my sisters to see who eats first just to make sure we ate whats served on our plate.
He was the happiest in the world the day he gave me in marriage.  He celebrated his first grandsons arrival last year in Ramadan and this ramadan we will be missing him badly.
His presence made any place bright and cheerful with his laughter. Anytime he stands near the gate there will be atleast more than three people who will say hi to him. He was such a friendly man. His children meant alot to him and he lived his whole life fulfilling our needs.
Today am dedicating my dads favourite dhallo recipe on behalf of him.
I dont have a picture but I promise to upload one soon.

Dhallo devil
500 grams squid chopped into small cubes
1 large onion chopped
2 green chillies chopped
1 medium tomato chopped
A handful of curry leaves
1 teaspoon chillie powder
2 teaspoon chillie flakes
A dash of pepper
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon oil

1. Clean, wash and boil the squid amd drain the water.
2. In a separate pan saute onions and curry leaves in oil.
3. Stir in the green chillies and boiled squid.
4. Season with salt and add the chillie powder and flakes.
5. Fry until well combined and sprinkle a dash of pepper.
6. Finally add the chopped tomatoes and adjust the spiciness according to your requirements.
If it’s too spicy add some tomato ketchup and mix.

This was a recipe my dad made during one ramadan and ate singing “my dear dhallo, who wants dhallo?”

Best served with some rice and dhal or sandwiched in bread.

Thank you

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