Cakes and Bakes

I’ve been baking a few cakes lately in order to practice my skills on icing and decorating. Lots of cakes mean lots of sweets and that means I need a break from cakes. So this week am gonna take a break from cakes and do some blogging seriously. There is a line up of photos waiting to be revealed with a story.
Time is what I lack to sit and write. Amidst my household chores and my son who is trying to pull everything I take i managed to get a few photographs of my cakes and food. So here is what I’ve been up to.
Trying to build a minion with no icing is a bit tough considering the finish which will not give a professional look, this is completely done by cake and no extra butter cream nor icing has been used. My aim was to create something nice for those who hate icing on top of their cakes, yes there are people who hate to eat cakes with frosting of any sort. It’s not about the diet. It’s just that they can’t take in extra sweetness. I sometimes experience it that I don’t like to eat too much frosting with my cake but that doesn’t mean I hate frosting. It’s just sometimes you can’t take in much sweet.
So this minion was my first attempt. I tried my level best to get it perfect but trust me am human and I can have some Imperfections in my work, that doesn’t mean I lack talent it’s just that I need time and some practice with a person who can eat more sweets.


2 weeks ago I tried making cake pops and the balls formed perfectly well and the pops stood firm on my polystyrene stand and I topped then with royal icing which also worked well but i guess using meringue powder might have been the best as you wont get the egg smell on top. I was out of egg powder and was in a hurry to try them out.


trying out to make a teddy bear cake pop and I dint perfect it so it was a failure I need to work hard next time yet am satisfied with what I did.


my recipe for the cake pops is –


2 slices of chocolate cake

100 grams dark cooking chocolate

1 teaspoon butter to melt the chocolate

1 teaspoon milk

instruction to mould –

  1. melt chocolate with butter and milk.
  2. combine the melted chocolate with the chocolate cake.
  3. make tiny balls with the mixture.
  4. the mixture should be like a firm dough.
  5. makes about 10-12 cake pops.




Weekly Photo Challenge : Dialogue


This weeks photo challenge topic is something that i like as i have a picture taken yesterday as a coincidence on our sons first visit to the beach.

I can touch a top the burj khalifa my fingertips :-)

I can touch a top the burj khalifa my fingertips 🙂

Claypot Shawarma

20140822_211751_Richtone(HDR)I have to admit that shawarmas have played a nice role in my life. In sri lanka you get the wraps which are very thicl and the filling is very spicy. My mum loves it and we often had it for dinner. In dubai the shawarmas are very thin with a mild filling that has a very nice texture as you take every bite. I recently read that shawarma is the meat filling and not the wrap. I know its a shame I dint know that before but trust me it takes time to explore the food as the world is too small yet each country has it own way of serving some things that makes the food world too big. It takes a lot of time when you try exploring various cuisines if you really want to know the originality. So it took me time to get married and move to dubai to know whats an original arabic shawarma like and yea even they have some differences yet they are all so delicious that am a shawarma fan.
So when i browsed the shelves at the supermarket And found that maggi has a shawarma mix I just grabbed it thinking and was thinking what to serve it with.
I then decided i will make a claypot shawarma as I love to cook on a clay pot.
It’s actually something like an experiment.

The recipe at the back of the pack called for fresh chopped tomatoes and yogurt which I didn’t have so I decided to substitute tomato paste instead of tomatoes and used the sweet apricot yogurt as I had no plain yogurt.

And yes the recipe ask for baking so i cooked it on the claypot making it a claypot shawarma recipe.
The aroma of tempering onions on the claypot was so nice that I was so excited.

I served this with some chapatti and sprinkled some pomegranates on top of the shawarma curry just to give it an arabian touch.

How I did the shawarma curry in my clay pot –
1. Cleaned, washed and drained boneless chicken beasts.
2. Add the shawarma mix, 100 grams tomato paste, 2 teaspoon apricot yogurt and mix the chicken wwell to coat.
3. Temper half an onion chopped in 3 teaspoon olive oil.
4. Add the chicken with the marination and leave closed for 5 minutes in a low heat.
5. Add 2 cups of water and cook until the chicken is tender.
6. You can choose how much gravy ypu need and turn off heat.
7. Serve hot with chappati.

The flavour was so good and delicious.

Semolina Muffins

It’s the weekend and I have got an enthusiasm to cook something and create a few recipes to blog about and impress my husband and fellow readers. Cake pops was one such recipe which can wait to be posted later. So today morning breakfast is a muffin. When the husband is frowning every time he hear the word wheat flour, so am inspired by his frowns and his no carb diet ethics. Weekends call for cheat and he adjusts a bit and enjoys a buriyani but that doesn’t mean i can bombard him with wheat flour stuff so here I am creating a recipe of my own.
Waking up early in the morning and feeling like creating a recipe is a very good feeling especially when you think about impressing the biggest food critic in my blogging life my husband and yes the feeling that I get to blog about something new, something of my own is wonderful.

Well i just went back to search if semolina is actually an idea no carb meal and am shocked.
Wow this is turning out into a live post 🙂

That my search results screen shot.

Well atleast its different so here is my recipe-

Semolina Muffins

1/2 cup semolina slightly roasted
4 sausages (boiled and flaked)
1 medium onion (chopped and sautéed in 1 teaspoon olive oil)
3 teaspoon cream cheese
1 egg
2 teaspoon fresh milk
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup water

1. Combine the roasted semolina, flaked sausage meat and sautéed onions in a bowl.
2. Beat the eggs together with the milk and cream cheese.
3. Mix the semolina and egg mixture together.
4. Pour the water on top give it a quick mix by seasoning with salt and pepper.
5. pour into silicone muffin pans and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes.
Pour a tablespoon of water on top and cook for further 2 minutes.

I used my microwave as thats what i use to bake.
If you dont have a microwave you can try steaming it for 15 minutes by scooping the mixture into bowls. You do not need to pour water on top as steaming will help the semolina cook just fine. Please make sure to check after 10 minutes and if it’s cooked completely then you can take off heat.




It’s not spicy so i recommend you serve it with some ketchup.

Okay am hungry gonna have my muffin.
Hope you try it too 🙂

Homemade Candied Orange Peels

When a recipe calls for candied ginger preserve or orange peels I think twice,

1, will it taste good?

2, do i hace to buy it just for one recipe

No way am gonna do the second one so the only option is make it at home.

This is when i found out the answer for the first thought.  Voila it tasted so good in such a way that i never even imagined.

Now all those orange peels can be used up for something.  Recipes have started over pouring in my mind and am in a sort of jam thinking which one to try first amidst my work and son.

Life has got busy but i ain’t gonna spend a day without thinking of something to blog about so here we go.

I would like to share my candied orange peel recipe it’s more like a dosi or marabbah.

Its sweet and sticky.

I added this to my secret cake recipe which asked for candied peels of ginger.

I did add some to my cheese cake too which did not set 😦 Of course not cos of the candied peels but i forgot to add gelatin.

Here is what you need for the candied orange peels ;

1 full oranges peel

4 teaspoons sugar

2 cups Water

Lets make it ;

Wash and grate the orange peel, if you ate the oranges and has got only the peel do not try grating just finely cut using a pair of scissors and add them onto a pan.

Pour in the water and cook the peel until its soft. Add more water if required and make sure you cook the peel well.

Once the water has reduced add the sugar and cook over a medium heat and caramelize the peels.

Take off before they get stuck onto your pan.

Cool by transferring to a glas jar and store in the fridge.

Drizzle some of the sugar syrup while pouring to the jar so that it does not get too sticky and stays clean making it easier to take a bit when you need.

20140815_125036 20140813_181201

Nelli Mojito and food styling practical


The plain nelli cordial with sugar.



Scientific name phyllanthus emblica 🙂 nelli in sinhala.

I managed to get a bottle of nelli all the way from sri lanka to dubai and got a luggage weight of 31 kilos.  The officer at the check in counter was very friendly enough and assured the weight was just fine when inquired if I’ve exceeded the maximum weight.

The first thing i did with nelli was just dilute it in water and drank with a bit of added sugar.

Suddenly it clicked to my experimental mind that why not try making a mojito out of this nelli cordial.

So here is how i managed to pull it together.

Its an experiment right?

So i just did a glass for myself.


Half a lemon

2 tablespoons nellisyrup or cordial

Sugar as required

6-8 mint leaves

Water as required


1. Squeeze the lemon in a large glass

2. Add the nelli syrup or cordial

3. Add the mint leaves

4. Pour water

5. mix well and add sugar to taste

6. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving


Nelli is a fruit thats also called as indian gooseberry (confirmed by a fellow blogger ishita g) also called aamla according to Wikipedia.  We sri lankans call it nelli.

In sri lanka we have two varieties and the normal one is commanly use in making pickles, achcharu, nelli syrup or cordial and dosi which according to indian cuisine is knowns as murabbah.

The other type of nelli is medicinal and is recommended for diabetes patients. Its called maranthu nelli and is quiet bitter even it’s cordial is very bitter.

The ways which we have it with a shortnote recipe-

Nelli Achcharu – partially boiled nelli eaten with salt, pepper and chillie.

Nelli thosi – nelli cooked in sugar syrup and soaked in sugar syrup served with its syrup.

Nelli cordial or syrup – the juice extracted from pure nelli diluted in water with sugar and serve cool.

Below is a link on what i found about nelli fruit nd its helath benefits just incase anyone is interested in learning more am not very sure of tha facts but hope googling might work well 🙂

Have a great week ahead.

Mafaza haleem


chicken muffins

20140805_184746Trying things without flour was tought 2 years ago and now I’ve taken it as a challenge and started creating my own low carb or flourless recipes of course inspired by reading online.

Yet i have learnt the fact that you need to be a bit of experimental if you want to build up your own line of recipes. A lesson learnt in 2 years.

So here is my version of flourless chicken muffins



1 and 1/2 cup minced chicken meat (cooked)

1/2 cup peas

1/2 cup corn

1/3 cup tomato paste

2 tablespoon butter

2 eggs

1/4 cup fresh milk

1 tablespoon cream cheese

Salt and pepper to taste


Directions to cook

1. Combine the minced chicken meat,  green peas and corn together.

2. Beat in the 2 eggs, milk, cheese, tomato paste and butter on a separate vessel.

3. Incorporate the two set of ingredients into one bowl and season with salt and pepper.


Bake on individual muffin pans on a moderate oven.

I used my microwave and it took me 4 minutes to bake a batch of 6 chicken muffins.

So please bake on a moderate oven.

As all ingredients used are precooked i guess it takes less time to prepare.