Cakes and Bakes

I’ve been baking a few cakes lately in order to practice my skills on icing and decorating. Lots of cakes mean lots of sweets and that means I need a break from cakes. So this week am gonna take a break from cakes and do some blogging seriously. There is a line up of photos waiting to be revealed with a story.
Time is what I lack to sit and write. Amidst my household chores and my son who is trying to pull everything I take i managed to get a few photographs of my cakes and food. So here is what I’ve been up to.
Trying to build a minion with no icing is a bit tough considering the finish which will not give a professional look, this is completely done by cake and no extra butter cream nor icing has been used. My aim was to create something nice for those who hate icing on top of their cakes, yes there are people who hate to eat cakes with frosting of any sort. It’s not about the diet. It’s just that they can’t take in extra sweetness. I sometimes experience it that I don’t like to eat too much frosting with my cake but that doesn’t mean I hate frosting. It’s just sometimes you can’t take in much sweet.
So this minion was my first attempt. I tried my level best to get it perfect but trust me am human and I can have some Imperfections in my work, that doesn’t mean I lack talent it’s just that I need time and some practice with a person who can eat more sweets.


2 weeks ago I tried making cake pops and the balls formed perfectly well and the pops stood firm on my polystyrene stand and I topped then with royal icing which also worked well but i guess using meringue powder might have been the best as you wont get the egg smell on top. I was out of egg powder and was in a hurry to try them out.


trying out to make a teddy bear cake pop and I dint perfect it so it was a failure I need to work hard next time yet am satisfied with what I did.


my recipe for the cake pops is –


2 slices of chocolate cake

100 grams dark cooking chocolate

1 teaspoon butter to melt the chocolate

1 teaspoon milk

instruction to mould –

  1. melt chocolate with butter and milk.
  2. combine the melted chocolate with the chocolate cake.
  3. make tiny balls with the mixture.
  4. the mixture should be like a firm dough.
  5. makes about 10-12 cake pops.




Weekly Photo Challenge : Dialogue


This weeks photo challenge topic is something that i like as i have a picture taken yesterday as a coincidence on our sons first visit to the beach.

I can touch a top the burj khalifa my fingertips :-)

I can touch a top the burj khalifa my fingertips 🙂