pol Rotti aka Coconut Rotti : In My Kitchen

Traditional cooking is what I love but most of all I love it when I have all the necessary item’s for styling the dish so that it looks good like the images on food magazines. So i tried my best which all started off with a banana leaf. I remember seeing an image of a coconut rotti which was beautifully tied with a strip of banana leaf and I was dying to get the same look and I did try my level best. Owning an s4 which I enjoy taking photos for my blog the only tip that I used from many food photography sites and bloggers that light is the key to a gokd image. So now I have decided to take photographs for my foo blog with my hall window open and it’s like a magic the difference is awesome. So now I cook at night and click as the sunrise and let it shine on my dish, I get to save some electricity and get the food solar heated (lol, just kidding)

Direct to my subject.

Yes I did buy 3 banana leaves from lulu express and washed then wiyh soap and water. Lol i just can’t take the sight of snakes licking the banana leaf, I’ve herd people say the roam mostly around plantain trees.

So here i am wiping my leaves and patting them dry and i used this banana leaf to create a special dish of mine and isn’t that awesome,  not only did i create my special dish i also got to use the banana leaf in three ways including my special dish.

I used one to cook up a lumprice and wrap it with a banana leaf while the second was to create my special chicken dish which will follow in a post soon until then the 3rd way i used the banana leaf is cut thin strips and tied my pol rottis to create a more traditional look.

Here is my pol rotti recipe

Pol Rotti or Coconut Rotti


3 cups wheat flour

1 cup dessicated coconut

1 teaspoon salt

Water as required


Mix all the ingredients and knead to a sof and smooth dough.

Roll it on a floured surface and cut circles using a round cookie cutter for a more even shape.

Cook over a hot griddle for 3 minutes on each side over a very low heat.

Add curry leaves, green chillies and onions chopped for an advanced flavour.

Serve warm with a choice of spicy meat gravy and dhal or sandwich with katta sambol and serve as a lunch box snack for school or work.

It goes well with jam and butter too.

Stores on the fridge for a week.

Used tap water and it’s softer than ever. Before we made with hot water and it was difficult to work with and the rotti was hard.

20141016_101702 20141016_094726

2014-09-25 09.06.44


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