Cheese-ride : In My Kitchen

I am typing on my mobile while my son is having a nap on my legs. I cant move but i can munch with one hand.  These cheeses have driven me crazy ever since I first saw them at carrefour. I have herd my mum say how cheese is displayed in jeddah but never have i seen them in person.  The first time i saw the cheese section i had a plan in my head that is one day i should try as many as I can afford. Cheeses are very expensive and i believe one of the most admirable food stuff which goes with anything.  I bet the long process used to make these cheeses have taught them patients cos they are all in some way faint hearted which is why some melt and some get stale very fast. They sure are fragile.

Ten days ago we had our grocery day and we happened to pause at the cheese section amidst our no carb low fat diet plans. It’s usually the hubby who has to make a move in choosing cheese apart from cheddar but this time i took the honour in introducing 3 new types of cheese in to my kitchen.

We were on a test mission so smaller portions suit best. I have always loved cheddar and who doesn’t, I can eat cheddar by itself with no bread and am ready to call it a no carb diet.  I use cheddar on most of my baking and it’s the substitute for mozzarella cheese mostly on pizza. this was all before I tried these three cheeses.

This tostino cheese melts like cheddar and is less salty. It goes well in pastas and yea as the name tostino you can toast this cheese but better be on bread or you will have to scrape your pan 🙂
Hadju I have seen shelves at Carrefour stacked with this cheese and never ever thought of buying but these television shows have spoilt me so badly that made me buy this cheese. Yes they do grill the cheese on a griddle so I decided to try grilling this cheese. You don’t need to oil your pan because this cheese releases a lot of fat. It’s a bit sour taste but goes well on salads when toasted. Add it to your Caesar salad and enjoy
Roomy cheese has holes in it to give room for some fresh air I guess. It’s too young which is why I guess the stale taste but its quiet tasty on omelets goes well with a toast too.

try toasting  the tostino or roomy cheese on a slice of bread sandwiched with some fresh chopped parsley and its so simple and delicious.

you can use the same way and replace with your favourite greens and fresh grated vegetables.

trust me this is the ideal way to serve some greens for the kids who are to picky about eating greens by themselves cos cheese and greens taste good while the toasting part helps them eat without even wondering whats inside the toast.

so this week I conclude my post with a quick and simple cheese ride but before I go I’d like to say all cheeses taste good in their own way but cheddar is what I like to eat when am bored hungry and lazy to make anything even a simple toast. whatever cheese you buy try in different recipes and trust me they all work together fine.

have a cheesy weekend

2014-09-25 09.06.44

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