In My Kitchen

winter is in Dubai and the weather is calling for more delicious food and building our appetites for BBQ’s. grilling chicken in the oven is a common thing in my kitchen and often the mix is very simple or store bought marinades. hot chocolates are good companions during this winter and baking have increased making electricity bills balance though the air condition is used less. so many recipes have been created and tested in my kitchen and I am going to give you guys a little drooling time with my photos.

please do not forget to leave a comment if my photographs have improved (if you have some time 🙂

My Kitchen Diary

I baked a batch of cookies for the good magazine photo shoot and look out for the recipe on the December issue.

I made some malaysian net crepes and wondering which magazine will like some malaysian food recipe i ready do give a message if any magazine wants a good recipe

I tried my hands on my first ever no carb aubergine pizzas and am surprised as I liked them, they look good with their green parsley background 🙂

I had a large batch of dates which needed to be used up fast so I baked some traditional date cakes which was taught at my master class and it’s super delicious.

I tried baking a burger from scratch within an hour and a half after 9 pm on a weekend which is very odd as hate cooking late in my kitchen. if it’s late I always order in and that’s how I made my dad look for excuses for bringing in the market produce late and i often made a simple a rice and pol sambol dish.

i tried making a chicken swiss roll which turned out quiet well unfortunately some were experiments hence no recipe 🙂 but trust me they ll were successful so look forward for a post soon with recipes.

have a great week ahead and happy national day to united arabs emirates