Martas Kitchen at Miele Gallery

the long awaited wish to try my hands on saffron was fulfilled when Marta from Marta’s kitchen invited me and fellow bloggers for a fun filled cooking session where we got to try the Taj mahal saffron.

the event was at the miele gallery close to the world trade center metro station.

I think I should mention how beautiful the miele kitchen was, the interior was elegant and the kitchen was well equipped. I took the bus as it was a working day and i don’t drive. I got lost at sheikh zaid road not knowing the miele gallery was just next to the world trade center metro the closest and best way to get there is by metro if it’s a working day.

Marta was so kind and helpful and had a good time getting to know her a little.

so I was acting as a helper to my fellow bloggers while I also got to taste some different food which was all infused with saffron.

I got to taste mussels for the first time in my life. yes, mussels were on my to try list for a long time and bouillabaisse soup which was so flavorsome had a very nice selection of mussels which was the winning dish from my fellow food blogger rupal of

Stacy the lovely lady who blogs on is whom I helped on making the baked cheesecake. the cheesecake was so delicious while Stacy was a fabulous person whom I am glad I met.


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Orange syrup Poached Pear with Chocolate Cake

It about was 2 months ago when I visited the fruits and vegetables market near international city and got some fruits and vegetables, they did have some stuff at a good rate but not all stuff are good in quality.  So ending up with a lot of pears wondering what to cook out of it is tough task in the kitchen.

I browsed a few recipes for poached pear desserts and I tried the Master Chef recipe 2 years ago and this time I decided to make use of the dessert recipe book which I have and finally ended up creating my own poaching syrup.

It was a Thursday at 12 midnight when I walked up to the kitchen and made the poaching liquid. in 15-20 minutes I turned off the flames and the next morning continued poaching for about 20 more minutes over a low heat.

the pears were tender when I checked so it was ready to be served.


1/2 an orange

2 cinnamon sticks

4 cardamons

4 cloves

1 star anise

6 almonds

2 pears peeled

sugar or honey as required

2 cups water


  1. add all the ingredients except the pears and boil
  2. reduce heat and add the pears
  3. cook over a very low heat until the pears are tender


I served the whole pouched pear with a slice of homemade chocolate cake and some cream.  I also did try and drizzle some homemade chocolate sauce.






Gourmet Pink BakeOff

the gourmet pink bake off, hosted by the Ahlan gourmet magazine last month at the dubai mall was a challenging task. it was a contest for 35 dirhams and I just wanted to be a part of the contest. I really wanted to win the taste test but unfortunately I didn’t it’s not that it was not tasty but it was too simple.
here is a glimpse of the event.

in order

1. my cake send for the entry

2. the cakes i took for the bake sale

3. my first customer (she was standing near my desk and asked her mama to buy this cake) oh am so happy that my cake attracted this tiny sweet girl. these little things matter a lot to me when there is no appreciation for hard work by close ones.

4. she was ann and she won the fastest selling contest and she was so helpful and kind enough to reach out and promote which helped sell 15 of my cakes.

5-13 then some of the contestants and their lovely cake

14. that’s the winner in pink eliza and next to her is me

15. our group picture with the ahlan team

16. the final bake off challenge for the 2 winners was to decorate the papa rotti bun with a topping