Bread Basket

everytime I see a basket filled with breads and bun I am mesmerized by its beauty. bread in a basket is such a lovely sight. I have been wanting to create a lovely basket like those I see on the internet, tv programs and picnics images. I remember seeing my ginn readers back in junior school illustrated with images that have picnics with baskets of bread or sandwiches. so the first time I saw a lovely basket in sri lanka last year I grabbed it and shoved it on my cart. the purpose was to create a basket of bread or bun.

I tried making my yeast free bread for the second time and it was a success, they were soft and delicious. quick and easy. so here are some images on my visualized basket of bread created from my junior school reader illustrations.

so after successfully achieving my very own recipe of baking bread and buns I decided to follow a recipe to make a bread loaf so I depended on my very own and loving “The Big Book of Baking”

it has a good selection of recipes and they need to be tried at least some of them. It’s winter, the best time to bake bread, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven homemade and the house scented with baking makes it the best comfort food (according to me).

The desire to master the art of baking breads and buns was passed onto me by my mum, she loves to bake a perfect bread loaf and she is a self taught cook who is crazy of cookbooks and I am her crazy daughter who adopted her cookbook love and the passion for cooking. every time my mum sees a cookbook or cooking show she used to be glued to that place until she found out what’s the outcome. I here she is not feeling well now and has given up her passion but am here to continue it and I am addicted of baking. I just can stay awake for the sound of baking, or watching a baking program or even eating a baking good. no worries I can even just stand there watching and photographing a baked good. so last weekend was a bread thursday. I baked the crusty loaf bread and voila it turned out super perfect. it was soft and delicious. kept well over the counter for up to 4 days. You can make a sandwich, serve with stew or even do a bread pudding with this homemade bread. I would like to say that The Big Book of Baking is a worthy investment for all bakers. it has details from basic baking to bread making and it gives you information on all things baking. I am so glad I invested a 50 dirham for this book and it holds my memory at the first floating library visit last year in september.

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next idea is to create a glass of bread sticks 🙂

have a great winter 🙂