South African BBQ

20141206_112301This world has a lot for us to discover and experience when it comes to the food section. Bloggers are not those who have the entire luxury in food they just try to find some time to share with the world on what they experience.  I am one such blogger I would like to say as I believe that trying something and posting about it helps people who have never got the chance to try it an idea of what’s it all about.
So let me share with you’ll my new spice.
Last Saturday I was passing by the Dubai garden centre and saw the farmer’s market board. I got 5 minutes to run and a have peep. As I walked through and found many stalls with handmade stuff I was drawn in further for the aroma of BBQ. I was given a small piece of bread to try and I rushed towards the BBQ grill to find a sausage being grilled with a stall opposite that sold fresh vegetables and spice mixes.
They had a variety but I quickly surfed through and got myself a BBQ mix. I was so tempted to grab those green chillies which said a dirham for a kilogram but time didn’t permit. As my five minutes were coming to an end I took two photographs and rushed back to the car. The BBQ spice mix was just five dirhams from the African kitchen and the Lady who sold it mentioned it was from south Africa.
So I just sprinkled my beef with a tablespoon of the BBQ mix and marinated for 3-4 hours and grilled it on the pan over a medium heat. The BBQ mix has a sweet sour and spicy flavor to please my Asian taste bud. The color of the beef was satisfactory and I am glad it turned out well.
Now I am going to turn this African bbq beef into the Italian osso buco so here the Italian-African osso buco I may call it.
I prefer the beef in osso buco style than steak as it’s easier to eat. The Italian masterclass at the Italian cuisine world summit has taught me a great deal.

i tried combining a beef broth with the the south african BBQ meat and baked it for half an hour with mushrooms as the african BBQ meat dried out due to refrigeration. i do cooking for a couple of day in one day so this BBQ meat was done 2 days ago and served last night. the gravy which i got after the final baking process was super delicious. i served my african BBQ osso buco with some shredded cabbages.

since chef walter potenza taught me about osso buco i have turned out to be a fan of that dish which is why I try using all cuts of meat to make the osso buco.





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