Sri lankan Style Noodles

A food story with a recipe



I know the heading might make you wonder. What can it be that makes the name sri lankan style noodles?
If thats the question you get in your mind i am gonna answer it last because it’s surprise.
Sorry for that.
I know noodles is a global ingredient and people make it in different ways.
I believe the chinese way of making noodles is the best and the way they eat using a chopstick is what i prefer but am a sri lankan. I was bought up eating noodles in sri lanka. My aunt used to make noodles in a large pot during a time on weekends that we can just sit and eat plates of noodles. It was made with lots of vegetables and beef. Very spicy and delicious.
Am just drooling over my words.
Believe me you gotta try it to agree.
My dad used to bring noodles from the shop for breakfast. It was served with a hard boiled egg and wrapped in a lunch sheet and newspaper.
Those were the best days.
During my school days i preferred taking pocket money to buy something from the canteen. Mostly it was either idly or noodles. They served noodles in a tiny shopping bag an dneatly tied. Used to buy it and run to my desk sit and gobble 🙂

So these memories are delicious.
Now il tel you what makes this noodles sri lankan. It’s a very aronatic ingredient and some spinning spices.a few cooking techniques play a major role.
Read the recipe below and find out what’s different.

Sri lankan style Noodles


500 gm noodles
1 cup mutton boiled and the stock reserved
1 large potato boiked and cubed
1 large leek shredded into thin strips
Carrot chopped in to long thin strips
1 large onion chopped
2 green chillies chopped
A handful of curry leaves
2 tablespoons oil
1 teaspoon mustard seed
2 pinches of turmeric powder
1 teapsoon chillie powder
1 tablespoon crushed pepper reduce if you prefer less spicy
A few pinches of chillie flakes
Salt to taste

Lets make the noodles sri lankan style

Cook the noodles as instructed on the pack but substitute water with the reserved beef or mutton stock.

In a pan heat oil and sauté onions with curry leaves.

Add the mustard seeds, carrot and leeks.

Add the turmeric powder, chillie powder, salt, crushed pepper and chillie flakes.

Add the green chillies and mix well while tasting for salt and adjusting stir in the boiled potatoes and mutton or beef.

Turn of heat and layer the noodles and curry in a pan to form laters.
Keep the pot over a very low flame and using a wooden spoon stir the entire mixture to incorporate making sure the curry and noodles are all mixed together well.

Heat it for a few minutes and take off heat.

Serve warm with a hard boiled egg.

If your a vegetarian omit the beef or mutton.

My aunt makes with beef or mutton so do i but in school and shops they serve a vegetarian noodle.

What makes this noodles sri lankan style is the aroma of the curry leaves, the flavors of the tempered onion and the mustard seeds while the spices play a major role too.

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Thank you

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