A quick chocolate Mousse and A Srilankan dinner

I decided to stop creating recipes for sometime and start trying out recipes from famous tv chefs or the Internet.

Following a recipe online is not a very easy task knowing but if you have been cooking and baking foring you know how to do it well and that’s important when it comes to substitutes.

Monday we were expecting some guests for dinner which was sudden plan and i was stuck with different desserts apart from the usual caramel and sanja or agar agar. Am not a dessert person and i tried pana cotta once which i loved very much so i dont wanna try the pana cotta again amidst the fact that its easy and simple. This time i searched for a supper quick set dessert and came across many. Seeing nigella lawsons quick set mousse recipe and the ingredients i was tempted to try it.  Reason,  the recipe had no egg beating which i really hate at times and the recipe called for marshmallows which i already had on pantry. Marshmallow and chocolate was the basic recipe while whipped cream was the final ingredient.

Less fuss less work and fast set that’s what i loved about nigellas quick set chocolate mousse. I have been watching her show for a long time but never tried her recipes.

Here is a link to the recipe i tried if you wanna try it.



It waa 11 in the morning as i walked to lulu to get some stuff to cook for my guests for dinner. Doing shopping and cooking the same days was not very tough as the number of guests were only 2.
I started off doing my signature and easy sting hoppers buriyani with some green peas curry and a curd raita. I also had my brinjal moju already prepared a few days ago which i refrigerated.
No sri lankan buriyani is complete without an achcharu or pickle as you may call it. We had some store bought from sri lanka pickle which was very sweet and spicy. Thats the best part of an achcharu it goes well with all rice.

20150324_092601_Richtone(HDR) 20150324_092448_Richtone(HDR)

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