A Chocolate Week : In my kitchen

I was obsessed with watching cake boss. Cake boss shows never stopped me from watching even the repeat telecast. I always felt he was doing some construction rather than cakes by using rice cripies and creating giant structures. Every work that buddy showed was really tempting me try someday. I wanted to work with modelling chocolates and isomalts. I wanted to create suppprt structures using rice crispies. No i have never learnt how to make or use either one of the three but just watched. Living in this generation we are blessed with information on the internet and just with a few searches you can learn some stuff. Above all i love taking challenges.  Last time my husband challenged me to try the  cake by adriano zumbo and then we had cake for 2 weeks for dessert. Recently i came across a post where a lady wanted edible decorations for a birthday party. I didn’t have any idea of her requirements and asked her what she wanted. As she showed me a sample of what she wanted it was challenging and as i wanted to try something different i told her i can do what she wanted. I know am not gonna make a chocolate tree and eat it cos we don’t enjoy sweets to that crazy level. So this order was going to be my masterpiece and planning was on for nearly 2 weeks. Buying stuff and checking tutorials even on my sleep to make a chocolate tree of 2 feet with no internal inedible support was my first quest. Finally everything was ready and i started constructing my chocolate tree and the flowers plus some edible marshmallow flowers and chocolate flowers.  Everything turned out well not perfect but as a first attempt it just looked great. I was admiring my work and enjoyed making then every minute.

Here is a image of my work which was sent by the lady who ordered.

My final product the chocolate tree and the marshmallow flower

My final product the chocolate tree and the marshmallow flower

I made the barks bottom out of rice crispy treats and built the tree out of homemade modelling chocolate.

I got the luxury of working with compound dark chocolate and i  really loved it’s taste.







The last image is my white modelling chocolate made using oteker white chocolate. I used it to make flowers.
Finally the disaster.
I was supposed to get a lot of money for doing this and unfortunately the lady also ordered a cake which i made and while trying to move ot to the car the cake fell and when i informed the lady she said she don’t want anything as her cake was not available. I was heartbroken and shocked as well as sad. A weeks long work, two weeks of planning and 2 full days work done with no rest. I was in no way gonna eat the chocolate tree and the flowers so we decided to just go and drop the chocolate to the lady and ask for no payments.
It was a loss but an experience

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