Ruskin Island, Villa 14

It’s been a very busy time in sri lanka. The weather was awesome apart from the fact that staying at home in the mornings is a bit too warm because of the slab or whatever people call it.
Going for a ride around sri lanka is really interesting on a tuk tuk or luxurious on an air conditioned vehicle however you travel the view is awesome and the more you travel the more you discover. The luscious green trees, grasses and plants around the country will never fail to keep you cool. It’s refreshing for the eyes and soothing for the soul.
The best part about travelling is snacking or eating out. I travelled to beruwela which is my in laws place located in the south-western part of the country. I just like the surroundings because of its trees and plants wherever you turn. We stayed there for a couple of days after eid and returned on a very rainy day. The very next day we headed down to ruskin island at the bolgoda lake. It was also a very gloomy day and started raining only after we reached the island which was a very exciting ride on a ferry.
We spent the day at villa 14 on the island and i was reminded of the secret seven and famous five stories.

It was my first ride on a ferry to an island.

We had the villa to ourselves as we were a bunch of 10 or so and we had the meals cooked to sri lankan style and served in a traditional sri lankan way.

We checked in in the morning ate drank swam played and roamed around while the kids ran around.  Soon after tea we checked out as we were not planning to stay over.  It’s a nice place to stay overnight and watch a movies with some hot chocolate and some cookies.

I just wanna do it the next time in sha allah.

It’s only 2600 sri lankan rupees per head with food for a day while staying over night may vary.

Just sharing my experience and this ia not a review.

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