In My Kitchen : photo story


We call it “Ada” No idea what’s it called in any other language in this world and I’ve never seen or tasted it anywhere even in india. Negombo was my mother mamas hometown and when ever we go there we ilused to get this ada. It was sold in shops but nothing beats homemade stuff so is the same with these adas. There was a lady who used to make these ada in a traditional way and place them on a cane basket and bring it to our grandmas house between 4 to 5 in the evening. She did it on order and when ever we gather at my grandmas my granny orders ada so we can have it for tea. It was soft and like a space ship but about 3 inches in diameter and was golden brown in the inside while darker on the outside. It was sweet and tasty a bit cakey but not soft as a cake. Those were the golden days. Every time my grandma comes to colombo visiting us she used to brong this special ada. This is a very easy item but i have made it on a toaster and pan because i don’t hace access to the traditional method whoch was cooking it on a woodfire over low heat with some burning coal on top pf the pan which bakes the top and bottom equally. I need to visit a place an dget some photos for you all to understand the beauty in making it until then i will leave you’ll to wonder over the taste 🙂 hope to post a recipe post soon


Soya meat is my vegetarian protein i orefer soya meat over many things and the first time i got introduced to soya meat was at my hostel back then when i was 11 years old. It was cooked to a thick gravy and it tasted superb. When i returned home during my vacation i stopped going to the hostel and went to school from home. Obe day i stopped at the grocery next to our house and got a pack of lanka soya which was the only product i knew then. As i came home with my dads help on reading and making sure i understood the instructions i made the soya and ate it for my lunch immediately. I believe it was okay and every since my dad started buying soya meat at home and we had it often for lunch. My mum does not fancy soya but everyone else likes it.


We call it achcharu and thats how we love our sour and bitter fruits. It’s a nice salad snack you can call it so. In sri lanka you find these achcharu stand everywhere and sri lankans love it no matter if yoyr preggy or not everyone has a craving for achcharu. The make it in many varieties and the fruits they use are mango, pineapple, starfruit, divul or wood apple, ambarella or hog apple, jumbo, lovi, bereli and am not sure if i missed anything. All these are eaten with salt, chilli and pepper. You can easily buy them at an affordable cost everywhere in sri lanka but not in dubai so i made it at home to fulfill my cravings.


My chillie pillau


1 cup half cooked basmathi rice

1/2 and onion finely chopped

3 green chillies chopped

1 large tomato chopped

2 tablespoon oil Or ghee

Salt and pepper to taste

1 stick cinnamon

1/2 cup stock

Let make a pillau

Heat oil in  a nonstick pan

Temper the onions and cinnamon stick

Once the onions are translucent add tomatoes and green chillies

Pour the stock and top it with the rice

Season with salt and pepper

Cook over a low flame till the rice is fully cooked

Serve hot with a good sweet and sour chillie chicken devil.


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