A food memoir in colombo

As we reach sl it’s the beautiful green trees and paddy fields that wake you up if you were lucky to sit near the plane window. I once got a picture of it on my phone before the steward caught me , my phone which was a nokia 3110 gave a good picture which i have treasured still.

You can easily find young coconut water sold on the road sides everywhere,  nowadays even the foodcity sell them. They are very cheap, natural and refreshing.  Unless your a heavy drinker like myself, 1 young coconut is sufficient for 2.

I’ve herd they hold a good deal of health benefits too.

The taste of these coconut water is completely different to what we get on cans and packs from thailand or Philippines.  The sri lankans call it thambili or in English I’ve herd some call it king coconut water.

Well in sri lanka i have a great deal of good memories as well as bad. Life has not always been as good as it seems. And every coin has 2 sides so has our lives. I prefer thinking of the good which helps getting over the bad.

The goods all come in simple things like trying to get over the craving for ice creams in a cone or recreating a restaurant style brownie and ice cream in caramel sauce dish like at manhattan fish market.

And finally ended up with trying to make up my own dish 🙂

When it comes to trying to make it myself (mim ) there are many dishes that i wanted to plate up.

1 is my grandma’s special cows leg soup


It’s so delicious. I couldn’t get the exact same taste but it was so close. Maybe better luck on my next attempt.

2 is my other grandma who is my mother’s mother. She does a very special woodapple juice which i remember tasting but never asked her the recipe. And i decided to try it out but was not sure of the ingredients and my bil listed it out. So it was a treat for them my newly married sister and her husband.


Next on the gallery is a picture of the dolpin. Well it’s not the dolphin that lives on a sea and it’s in no way close to a seafood but it’s called dolpin. I seriously don’t know why and who named it but i am very sure that everyone will enjoy it.

It’s a dish made of paratha and spicy chicken gravy with some fried and devilled chicken. It’s so heavy and rich in flavour. I always like to have a plate of dolpin once in a while when in Colombo.

Next food i revisited was the cracking peanuts in shells. Memories go back to my age 10 when i mostly used to drop in at my dadamas house after school or whenever my parents were going somewhere and we used to have all the fun food like peanuts in shells. Which we got in a bag and sat around with my aunt, uncle or cousins and cracked them while chatting with mouthfuls of peanuts. My dadama house was next to gram store and the aroma of roasting grams spread across the lane while we played outside. It was really a very peaceful time. Sometimes qe used to get large bags of dhal gram roasted with salt for free. Yes it still exists and the grams are really tasty. These peanut shells we got at times from a cart vendor who pushed around street by street selling them in small bags. So the last time i was in colombo i decided to get a bag and guess what? I had to sweep the house coa the peanut skin and shells were all over the house and i was the reason for it to happen.  But it’s all part of the fun. In this fast paced world when people opt for quick and easy food (including myself) having a peanut cracking day should be a must and it will sure be fun.


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