Cheese Tasting at Eataly, Dubai Mall

I love cheese in my pizza, pasta and bread. I have tried a few types of cheese but not everything. when i got the invitation for the cheese tasting event at eataly I decided to attend without a second thought, I love to attend such events.

As I entered eataly we were introduced to the italian cheese maker luigi guffanti.

I learnt that we only need 3 ingredients to make cheese milk, rennet and salt. i started imagining myself making cheese and suddenly stopped because I felt that rennet was something I don’t wanna handle unless it impress me.

  1. Provolone Del Monaco – semi-hard, elastic texture with many holes. yellowish in color. it was a bit spicy on my tastebud.
  2. Quartirolo Lombardo Dop – firm and dry.   to be honest I din’t like it.
  3. Pecorino DI Pienza AL Tartufo – with black truffle. just loved this. it went well with the focaccia bread. this cheese is made with sheep’s milk
  4. Bagoss- a bit bland. have it with dates or in a sandwich with jam
  5. Formaggio D’antigorio  –  dry and hard. ideal for a cheese fondue
  6. GORGONZOLA DOP PICCANTE – loved this cheese. has good salt level and is very soft. very strong flavours

Meatball Pie

I can call meatballs one of my favourite foods forgetting the facts about meatballs  (shhh i mean they are really unhealthy if store bought ) but homemade meatballs are really super yummy and fresh.

I’d like to share my meatball pie recipe here:


Avocado dips and tips


This is what i always heard my hubs say whenever i showed a sign of hate to new food.

Starting from shushi and now ending in avocado I’ve started to like them very much. I know anyone who is not open to try new things will never think of having avocado in the sandwiches.

But trust me i was one of you and now I’ve changed.  Yes i have started to  like avocados as a substitute for butter. I used to avoid drinking avocado juices when there was a bit less sugar and now am having them with my bread over a slice of turkey and italian dressing. It is now old school to think that avocados are for juices and smoothies. Nowadays restaurants serve avocados with poached eggs and toast for breakfast. I am yet to try it. Till then here is a bit about my avocado sandwich and butter.

Mafaza’s Cake truffles

Cake truffles are the new trends taking over the dessert stands in every party
It easy to make the cake truffles but decorating is the tricky job.
With aome practice anyone can nail the art.

My cake truffles make 6


1 cup cake crumbs
1/3 cup chocolate ganache