Avocado dips and tips


This is what i always heard my hubs say whenever i showed a sign of hate to new food.

Starting from shushi and now ending in avocado I’ve started to like them very much. I know anyone who is not open to try new things will never think of having avocado in the sandwiches.

But trust me i was one of you and now I’ve changed.  Yes i have started to  like avocados as a substitute for butter. I used to avoid drinking avocado juices when there was a bit less sugar and now am having them with my bread over a slice of turkey and italian dressing. It is now old school to think that avocados are for juices and smoothies. Nowadays restaurants serve avocados with poached eggs and toast for breakfast. I am yet to try it. Till then here is a bit about my avocado sandwich and butter.

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