Cheese Tasting at Eataly, Dubai Mall

I love cheese in my pizza, pasta and bread. I have tried a few types of cheese but not everything. when i got the invitation for the cheese tasting event at eataly I decided to attend without a second thought, I love to attend such events.

As I entered eataly we were introduced to the italian cheese maker luigi guffanti.

I learnt that we only need 3 ingredients to make cheese milk, rennet and salt. i started imagining myself making cheese and suddenly stopped because I felt that rennet was something I don’t wanna handle unless it impress me.

  1. Provolone Del Monaco – semi-hard, elastic texture with many holes. yellowish in color. it was a bit spicy on my tastebud.
  2. Quartirolo Lombardo Dop – firm and dry.   to be honest I din’t like it.
  3. Pecorino DI Pienza AL Tartufo – with black truffle. just loved this. it went well with the focaccia bread. this cheese is made with sheep’s milk
  4. Bagoss- a bit bland. have it with dates or in a sandwich with jam
  5. Formaggio D’antigorio  –  dry and hard. ideal for a cheese fondue
  6. GORGONZOLA DOP PICCANTE – loved this cheese. has good salt level and is very soft. very strong flavours

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