The Obstacles Enroute

When i wanted to complete education

My absence was an Obstacle

When i wanted to reenter school

My age was an Obstacle

When I Longed-for education

My expectations were an Obstacle

I applied, reapplied and reapplied

To the college of journalism

When I dreamt of being a journalist

The war was an Obstacle

When the war was over

My traditional stood as an Obstacle

it took me 10 years to just realise

All the Obstacles are just for own good

Sometimes Obstacles are a fate

Sometimes Obstacles are a will of god

Or sometimes they are a luck

Just to make sure we found the best

Obstacles are not just bad

They are sometimes positive too

If only I haven’t gone through this Obstacles

I wouldn’t have been writing

In my own comfort zone

With no deadlines yet many readers

Obstacles are my guides

They are the Obstacles of my life

The Obstacles are which

pointed me towards the right direction



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Born and bred

With loads of bread

A life lived

With simple luxury

The day you left

In solitude

Leaving the kiths and kin

With many love

Now she stands in solitude

Amdst humans

Such is the life

Of my dear mum

We are sorrounding

But yet she is in solitude

That is the value of a dad

None can replace

Your very own status

Can never be regained
<a href="">Solitude</a>

Life Can never be the same for my mum who has fallen ill

It’s not just money that can buy happiness

Love is what can bring laughter, joy strength and happiness

Without all these life is solitude

Coffee and Mum

If we were having coffee

Like the way we did

I would say less

For you shall speak more

The warm cup

With the strong aroma

Of freshly blend black coffee

You would say “get me a bit sugar”

I would say it’s just fine

You would have told its not like homemade coffee powder

I would have nodded off

I would have enjoyed a large mug of coffee

While you would have told don’t drink much,

Too much of anything is good for nothing

You would have told get some coffee powder the next time you see the coffee man

I would have noded off too

While sipping the coffee you would have been remembering dad and the lovely days we spent together

I would have enjoyed the fresh wind passing through the open door while the insense smell peeped inside and fought with my coffee aroma

I so miss having the coffee with you mum

If we were having coffee i would have talked and talked just about dad and made you laugh

My mum, brother, dad and myself loved coffee.

We used to have it plain black coffee with no milk but some sugar.

It Sometimes had a bit of ginger or spices.

The aroma was pleasant.

The taste was strong.

For an information

My mum is not feeling well

Fear of being “unidentified”

Fear of being “unidentified”

We are often racing through a life  to discover and achieve to recognise our identity

We sometimes are busy publicising our identity that often we forget to live the moment

We sometimes struggle to identify unless we see the identity

Identity is important in this fast paced world that we are pushed to publish our photos

Fear of being unidentified has done the same to me but I’d say I will no longer fear

I am better of being identified by my name than my looks

Opportunities come on seeing  our looks

but I am glad you are reading just because I am entertaining

Thank you for helping me get identified

My identity is “Explorewithmafaza”

I earned my identity and am glad you are a part of it 🙂

Entering a poem after a very very long break 🙂

I may edit and add more


Teacup Brownie


It’s microwavable
It’s for 3 people
Its ready in 7 minutes

After a good sushi meal I was craving for my sisters brownies. She does make good brownies and I love them, it’s more like a cake and less chewy. I dint ask her for the recipe but tried to make my own remembering the ingredients she used.
These becamea bit chewy yet so delicious.
A post in future
I see my book coming together in the near future 🙂

Mamzar beach down memory lane

PicsArt_04-11-11.01.55It’s the beginning of summer here in Dubai and I am missing the winter muse. The hot chocolates and warm soups were mostly in the menu during winter. The last few days of the best time to BBQ Is almost here and the parks are less crowded during weekend mornings.
It’s time to stock up on those sun screens and shades while gather the comfortable summer outfits.

Whether it’s summer or winter the atmosphere is mesmerising her in Dubai. The little things are admirable. Dubai never stops pleasing those who are exploring and admiring .
Let alone the new additions I hoped into the mamzar beach park at 12 noon on Saturday. It’s massive and when explored by foot I passed by the information area just opposite the pool and came across 2 bicycles parked beneath a bush. The wall and the iron grill behind the bush created some pattern. I grabbed my mobile to capture the picture. Those are the pictures I’ve always seen online and have been wanting to capture someday.

The walk from the administration office to the prayer room was 1 km and as I entered the prayer room I was drawn towards memory lane.
The Arabian architecture with ancient history was evident in that small room which has blue carpets with red patterns. The windows and doors reminded me of my grandparents house back in negombo which was made of solid wood. The traditional lamps which had bulbs instead of candles reminded me of my grandma’s house. 15 years ago my grandmas house they used a lamp with kerosene and thick string. The light was dim but the surrounding was rather peaceful and warm. Those days have been replaced with rechargeable lamps and batteries yet I was happy to see the lamp.
The borders on the roof reminded me of my childhood spent in my grandparents house. Those patterns meant something special. I believe I have been spending my childhood lonely moments staring at those pattern along the ceiling. Oh the ceiling. The ceiling which was open and made the bottom of the roof visible was even a better view. Laying in bed and watching the ceiling is a meditation in my point of view. I remember the quiet peaceful nights at my grandma’s house where we sleep with the sound of the fan echoing in the clay tiled roof and around the ceilings. We never had television at our grandparents house the nature was our view.

The view through the window is even more amazing.
I just loved the place. The view through the window was like watching my grandpa’s coconut trees. We used to play under huge coconut trees and we were told not to go around a coconut tree. Sometimes we see coconut fall off the tree and the fear of having coconut knock us down made my grandma warn us of playing around a coconut tree.
The breeze from the wind at a house surrounded by a coconut tree is really healthy. Trust me it’s way better than air-condition.
I even got to take my dream shot a tiny bird seated on a lamp .

The birds chirping the wind from the beach and the palm trees made the place more comforting. Not just the prayer room the surrounding of this place was also the same.

I have seen the large branches of the coconut tree dried and fallen some people use it as a roof or fence, back in the towns of sri lanka ( not all houses, but a selected lot) The first time in Dubai I saw beach with dried palm tree branches put as a fence in mamzar beach Park. I just couldn’t stop myself from standing still and enjoying the breeze from the sea with the fresh dried palm leaf aroma mixed with sea water. My grandma used to add dried coconut tree branches with leaves instead of firewood and the entire kitchen smelled so good that I still can feel better when thinking about her kitchen. She even used coconut husk as a substitute for firewood which is really an eco friendly way I believe instead of cutting down precious trees.