Coffee and Mum

If we were having coffee

Like the way we did

I would say less

For you shall speak more

The warm cup

With the strong aroma

Of freshly blend black coffee

You would say “get me a bit sugar”

I would say it’s just fine

You would have told its not like homemade coffee powder

I would have nodded off

I would have enjoyed a large mug of coffee

While you would have told don’t drink much,

Too much of anything is good for nothing

You would have told get some coffee powder the next time you see the coffee man

I would have noded off too

While sipping the coffee you would have been remembering dad and the lovely days we spent together

I would have enjoyed the fresh wind passing through the open door while the insense smell peeped inside and fought with my coffee aroma

I so miss having the coffee with you mum

If we were having coffee i would have talked and talked just about dad and made you laugh

My mum, brother, dad and myself loved coffee.

We used to have it plain black coffee with no milk but some sugar.

It Sometimes had a bit of ginger or spices.

The aroma was pleasant.

The taste was strong.

For an information

My mum is not feeling well

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