The chirping of birds

While the sunrise

And the waves giggle

Enjoying the morning view

Along the sandy beaches

Is a rhythm

The postmans bell

And the letterbox movements

The chittering of a squirrel

running over the mango tree

Hunting for the ripe mangos

While the leaves rustle on the grass with a stick

When the crows caw

For the  cooking smell in the kitchen

Wondering what and how to reach the pot

The mynas random visit

To pick a few grains of rice

Which accidentally fell on the garden tile

Sharing with the fellow myna

Hastily gathering there feathers with a whistle

And rushing to fly away high

While we run to the window to check


The bees and butterflies

Fly around the wildflowers in the tiny garden

While they get a bit farther

For the splashing of water

Over the plamt pots

As the wind blows

The evening breeze kissing our cheeks

While the bell at the nearby temple goes on ding-dong ding-dong

The looting of horns

The laughter of kids

The scream of the teenagers

The shouting of the vegetable vendor

The bell of the kadala guy

While the kights go on

And the city prepare to rest

The hi and bye of little children and loud footsteps of kids after tuition

Everything is a Music for the explorer


Stop you will hear the music

Observe you will see the music

Listen you will enjoy the music

Everyday life is filled with music

The explorer never stops enjoying the life music

!– +SWOOP –>

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