Raison Detre : My Readers

The many days dream to write and be published

The many days wish to accomplish

Something to do with writing

Turned into a long hunt until one day it all stopped only to think, breathe and discover.

what exactly was i hunting?

Was it just the fame of being published?

I realised
that fame will never be achieved in this fast moving world where people keep developing and inventing.
Fame is not something you can run behind it chases us.
Then what am hunting? The reality of being a writer is not in just the platform it’s the truth that matters.
Unbiased content is what the world is longing for amidst many biased work online.
The one like you get on a post explains why people like it? Is it because of the pictures? Is it because of the words?

Or is it merely because they know you?

My Raison detre is the real readers who merely like my post maybe for the words or maybe for the title yet they like it even if i dont publish an image. The real readers are my raison detre.

The poem i write has an effect in someone but an image i post is merely nothing to the same person. Words are what is more powerful than anything.

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The sandy beaches
Warm sunsets in winter
The cool fresh breeze
From the calm waves

The seasshells ashore
The salty splashes
The giggles and laughter
Of kids and adults

The tiny ships or boats
Busy food trucks
The cute shops
In the bicycle cart

Landing as a media
With a large badge
For the taster session
From all the food carts

Being welcomed with a big fat grin
And warm smile
The cresent that watched everything
From high up in the sky

The beach at jbr
Was packed and busy
The marketin one side
With kids play in another

It was when I told
My little boy
Come on let go to the beach

Ever since he started saying
Mummy lets go beach
The first time he told beach
In his wabbly speech

The water the sand and the wind
Is not all tha you see in a beach
It’s a place to sit
Relax and enjoy

A beach is a place where you live
Though another persons laughter
Another persons fun