A little bit of sacrifice

There is nothing wrong in a little bit of sacrifice.nothing is lost when you sacrifice a bit of your time to laugh and play with a child in return you get the best memories. Life is short to sacrifice but life is never gonna stop from going fast just because we didn’t please someone who deserve it.

Sacrificing is a valuable characteristic which can be given to those at times of need. It’s a big challenge to sacrifice something yet a gift to be able to sacrifice.

A dad sacrifices his time and energy to earn for his family while the mother puts in everything to make everyone happy.

I have started to realise that letting our kids enjoy a bit of water, sand and outdoors is a big Sacrifice that not all parents can accept. Trust me i was one such parent. I hated when my child plays in water and sand when he is not supposed to because i feared the workload of cleaning him.

The fear of cleaning made me ┬áprevent him from enjoying the outdoors and am glad i realised it early so i do not have to feel guilty of locking his fun indoors. Don’t worry I now let him play with water and sand.

A little bit of sacrifice does not affect our entire life.

Do it for good and do it for the loved ones which will make every sacrifice well worth it.

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