Grab the Opportunity

It was the first time I flew on a plane all alone by myself ( as in without my own family members) obviously there was the pilot, crew and passengers. Yet flying in the sky with no idea what can happen but just a destination and no friends or family to keep you occupied with just a small chat for 4 hours and 15 minutes was a bit of a new experience for me. Yes that was an experience which I badly wanted and the day came after I got married. I always kept  the saying

“self-confidence is the pre-requisite for great under takings” samuel johnson

In my mind.

It’s what I included in most of my letters to the editors whom I sent letters to write and get published. Little did I know that world is diverse with opportunities all over for those who really strive and work hard. I depended on the print media thinking that’s the only place to get published. Dubai has shown me the way to explore and know alternative ways of getting things done and achieving my goals. Dubai is diverse where we meet various people from all over the world and everone has something to highlight. Each person you meet or each place you visit has something new to be explored.

An explorer can learn and get new ideas just by checking out the shelves of a supermarket. Ideas are all over the world in a variety of ways and forms yet it takes just a few minutes to stop, think and discover.

Diversity is in everything food to books and people to earth but all it takes is a humans interest. If you discover what your interested don’t look for it in one angle just check it out and think in 10 ways or more. I did and now I found that Bloggingis what I fit into, a platform to publish, an audience to read and the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime.

Final conclusion wordpress is a diverse platform 🙂


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