Moving clouds

I was wondering as we drove along the highway

Are the clouds moving

Or is it the sky rotating

Well the next days journey to dubai was filled in my mind

Success has no limits it can be achieved even highup in the sky.20160529_153011


Tiny Idly Cooker

I am sure I’ve shared my idly story before but now I have found a new love for this tiny Idly cooker.

My mum used to go shopping many years ago and had luckily found a tiny Idly cooker which makes just 6 idlys.

It’s small and cute. It has been at home for a while and I never bothered to have a look at it till my last vacation during which I used the Idly cooker to make some pittu.

They turned out well which made me go in search of the same to bring along back to dubai  I went up and down 8 shops in pettah and 3 shops in maradana. I couldn’t find the 6 piece idly cooker and they only had the 9 piece idly maker which looked a bit bigger. Finally I  couldn’t find the 6 idly making cooker so I now returned back to dubai without an idly steamer.

The best part about this idly steamer is that we can make idly and pittu or anything that is steamed. It’s available in sizes to suit the family and cooks faster.

I am still hunting for the6 idly making cooker which am sure wilk be available at mangal and mangal or saravna stores in india 🙂

Oh am craving one of those indian shopping trips now 🙂