Simple meals

When I read todays prompt it was past 4 aminthe morning and all that came tomy mind was food. As it was sohoor/sahar time in Dubai and nowadays I just have a simple snack or meal as having something at that time is compulsory. Dates and milk have been my go to in a rush snack.  I feel really comfortable with it. Let alone thesahar meals even during the days when we are not fasting I prefer a vegetarian or 1 pot meal to those with meat. In colombowe used to have a simple sunday meal which consist of rice with coconut sambol. My dad loved having those on sundays and it still makes me happy to have something like that with a papad and curd chillie fry. Simple food are really filling.

The simpler you cook

the more you enjoy

It applies for the person who cooks a lot as the more complicated your menu is the less likely you are to enjoy.  That is what I have learnt the hard way. Being bought up in a culture where for lunch they cook a rice, 2 different types of vegetables minimum and a meat curry. If there is a guest or function the variety of vegetables can go upto 5 minimum. And the meat variety can be 3 types. A fried meat,  a devilled meat and a meat gravy. The desserts can vary and mostly it was wattalappam but now people have all sorts of western desserts with 1 traditional wattalappam.

So having come from such a country it was really tough to go for one pot meals and simple food yet it was a hassel to cook a variety just for 1 as my hubby doesn’t enjoy heavy meals.




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