Dubai Summer : Smoothies

Dubai is experiencing the summer and it’s at it’s  peek now.

As a blogger I have been taken by smoothies and I try to make them whenever possible. They are refreshing and filling after a ifthar. Less ice is better.

Smoothies are basically thick and you can just build your own according the thickness you prefer so ingredients matter but not the quantity unless you are planning to make for a large crowd. Leftover fruits can always make a good smoothie. Using watermelon is common un smoothies and is better as it has a natural sweetness and a thickening ability.

Some fruits ideal for smoothies







A few ingredients that goes into smoothies together

Almond gives a crunchiness

Dates a very natural sweetner

Milk a booster of creaminess

Natural coconut water a natural sweetner and a good substitute for water (vitacoco in dubai)

The best gadget for smoothies is nothing but the nutribullet.

You can blend and serve in it or share with another on another glass.

My mum has one and am craving for one too 🙂

I will be posting a few smoothie recipes soon.

Stay tuned . Eid mubarak



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