The week of cooking

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Calamari devil


Calamari, squid and cuttlefish – what is the difference ???PicsArt_03-20-10.58.11

I had the best catch of calamari at C4.
1.8kg for 17 dirhams only and I got to make it 3 ways. Trust me that was awesome.

1st i made pan fried cuttlefish.
Now what am supposed to type. Yes it said cuttlefish.

I dint follow a recipe just tried adding some onions, tomato paste, tomato ketchup with chillie and pepper powder and kept on frying and cooking on a low heat. ofcourse the cuttlefish was cleaned, washed and chopped into pieces.


Moving clouds

I was wondering as we drove along the highway

Are the clouds moving

Or is it the sky rotating

Well the next days journey to dubai was filled in my mind

Success has no limits it can be achieved even highup in the sky.20160529_153011


Tiny Idly Cooker

I am sure I’ve shared my idly story before but now I have found a new love for this tiny Idly cooker.

My mum used to go shopping many years ago and had luckily found a tiny Idly cooker which makes just 6 idlys.

It’s small and cute. It has been at home for a while and I never bothered to have a look at it till my last vacation during which I used the Idly cooker to make some pittu.

They turned out well which made me go in search of the same to bring along back to dubai  I went up and down 8 shops in pettah and 3 shops in maradana. I couldn’t find the 6 piece idly cooker and they only had the 9 piece idly maker which looked a bit bigger. Finally I  couldn’t find the 6 idly making cooker so I now returned back to dubai without an idly steamer.

The best part about this idly steamer is that we can make idly and pittu or anything that is steamed. It’s available in sizes to suit the family and cooks faster.

I am still hunting for the6 idly making cooker which am sure wilk be available at mangal and mangal or saravna stores in india 🙂

Oh am craving one of those indian shopping trips now 🙂


Flying with kids

part 1 dxb-cmb

I have flown alone and also with a baby which not everyone can do unless you have the will power.flying with no adult partner is considered an adventure in my life. I enjoy flying with a partner or alone but the previous trips with my eldest son was a bit daunting as he was less occupied which I learnt recently.

Flying with a toddler and baby is not something easy as we are pushed to a lot of stress in considering the fellow passengers comfort.  Not everyone is child friendly and not all the stewards help you with kids. Some stewards make sure they dont cross us when they see you with a fussy kid. Trust me it did happen in a few planes.

So my journey was just 4 hours and 15 minutes always as it was from dubai to colombo and backwards. Even for an hour kids can hardly sit still unless they sleep. My previous trips I’ve tried piriton with Dr’s advice but this time I had to fly alone with 2 kids and I read a good deal that made me opt out of feeding my kids piriton.

They needed something to keep them busy. I took this trip as an adventure and started packing a bag for my eldest with all the things he love to eat and play.

It was a new bag so he loved strolling it around the airport. As we boarded the plane I took a few stuff and stored it in the seat pocket and left the bag on the cabin.

Luckily we had a television on board and had the opportunity to watch kung fu panda 3 which R enjoyed watching.

They didn’t give any kids coloring set or kids meal while flying from dubai to colombo although they did give it to the kid next to us.  Infact my son was 2.8 and he had his own seat and they dint bother to ask if he needs a meal until I asked them and the attendant carelessly replied “we dont have kids meal i’ll just give the same meal as you”? I had to agree cos I needed the meal to keep him occupied. I used the tab with all the programs for an hour.  Then i used the coloring set I bought along for the next hour. He slept an hour in which time I had my breakfast and fed my 8 month old in the cabin toilet. Then came the last hour in which R had his meals and watched the other half of the kung fu panda 3.

In the meantime I did use some apple juice and biscuits to keep “A” full and occupied although he did scrape the panda off the screen and enjoy rapping some baby music on the cabin table.

We did not get a bassinet as I was seated on the 3rd row and bassinets are provided only for the first row passengers. Baby A slept on my arms comfortably for a while and his rattles kept him busy later on.

Thus ended my plane trip with the 2 boys from dubai to colombo. We sure did have a nice time amidst the fact that mum is still not feeling well but she was happy to see us and was feeling sad that we came back in 2 weeks. Emirates is sure a nice plane 🙂



1. Pack a set of color pencils and a bookto scribble

2. Get some stickers and a card

3. Some domino’s that may interest your kid like fruits which R was learning

4. Always pack a bag and give the child to carry

5. Make sure you get some lolipols and smarties or even biscuits of teddy shapes (I hardly give sweets to R unless as a reward so it was fine)

The final tip

Always talk and play with your kid and help him be occupied