Mafaza’s Rose Sponge



4 eggs

5 tbsp sugar

1/3 cup whole wheat flour


Seperate the eggs and whip the egg whites till stiff peaks form with the sugar.

Beat the egg yolk and the rose water.

Fold in the egg whites into the egg yolk in batches until incorporated evenly.

Gently fold in the flour until distributed evenly.

Bake in a pre heated oven at 140 degrees celcius for 30 to 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Cool completely and sandwich with custard or jam.



To make rose water boil a tbsp of water with a small edible rose and drain it. This makes a good aroma for the cake.


Sticky Banana Chocolate Pudding

Completed method to make the sticky banana chocolate pudding below –

For ingredients refer the video.

mix the flour, almond and pistachio together

in a separate bowl beat the egg, milk, oil amd melted dark chocolate together.

combine both the above and mix gently without any lumps

mash the bananas and add to the batter

gradually add the 1/4 cup flour with baking powder and mix well.

finally add the melted white chocolate and give it a quick good mix

I have uploaded a video with the images for a new concept.
This pudding was created after watching the great british bakeoff puddings week episode.
I was so inspired by the history of puddings and how they were made initially using meat and steaming methods. It was a very interesting episode do check it out.
In the meantime follow me on instagram to watch my culinary and travel journey as I explore 🙂

Gold on top of pistachio

Dubai is a place of luxury

You get the most expensive dessert in the world and it’s got gold on it. I dono how it tastes nor do I fancy eating gold but I believe that a bit of edible gold and silver leaf brings glamour into a dish.

Here is my boston cream pie with a luxury touch.  That gold on top of the pistachio gives it a bit of elegance, luxury and class.


My first ever Strawberry rose  😊

Cherry On Top

Boston Cream Pie

It was a random post which caught my eye and I decided to try my luck on baking by submitting my recipe for the great dubai bakeoff. I just chose a recipe which I tried and randomly decided to google it. Well it was the boston cream pie and my cookbook shows it as a pie with a crust but the Google gives a very different image so I decided to go for the trusted source and do a bit of reasearch.

Wikipidea says the boston cream pie was named so as in the early years the sponge or cakes were all baked in a pie tin. And the idea to use the custard as a filling for the cake was first brought up by the parker house chef in boston hence it is named the boston cream pie.

It is a very simple cake and I decided to try the original parker house recipe. I practiced it in a small batch and to my surprise it was good with the custard filling. I’ve never tried a cake with custard filling before so it impressed me.

I have made custard but this custard was a bit different and technically tricky.

I chose this recipe to try at the great dubai bake off and the steps went as follows.

I did my sponge in the kitchenaid mixer which I was very happy to work with as the mixer itself has got a great recognition amongst the bakers. I did my custard and had to freeze both to cool them and stack it up. Working at miele gallery at sheikh zaid road adjacent to sheraton was such a great experience with high quality equipments and facilities.

The boston cream pie turned out very soft and delicious that everyone who tasted it came over and told me it was tasty. That by itself was a gift for me as not many people come over and say what I made was tasty. Especially at home. Not that the food doesn’t taste good but not many have or feel the need to comment. I remember the days when i bake something I go and ask my parents and siblings how it was and after which they tell me it was good.  Yes my mum used to tell it’s good or bad without even me asking 🙂

Well back in dubai its still same.

So hearing people talk and say wow it’s so good was such a pleasure. This is why I like to participate in competitions.

Whether I won or not the small genuine comments matter. As a food blogger it helps me create a story. It helps me build my blog post. It inspires me to cook and bake more.

Here i am with a boston cream pie recipe with my own twist.


• 7 Eggs, separated
• 8oz. Sugar
• 1 Cup Flour
• 1 oz. Melted butter
Separate egg yolks and whites into two separate bowls.
Divide the sugar into 2 and add to the separated egg bowl.
Beat the yolks until combined and the sugar has dissolved.
Beat the egg whites until soft peaks.
fold the whites into the egg yolk mixture.
Gradually add flour, mixing with a wooden spatula.
Make a well in the centre and pour the melted butter.
Mix well.
Pour this mixture into a 10-inch greased cake pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until spongy and golden.
Remove from oven and cool completely

A few dried rose to infuse the cream with rose flavour
• 1 tbsp. Butter
• 2 cups Milk
• 2 cups Light Cream
• ½ cup Sugar
• 3 ½ tbsp. Corn starch
• 6 Eggs
• 1 vanilla beans
Bring to a boil in a saucepan the butter, milk and light cream with a few petals of dried rose.

When it starts to boil strain the mixture and return to the flame.continue cooking.
While this mixture is cooking, combine the sugar, corn starch and eggs in a bowl and whip until ribbons form.
When the cream, milk, butter mixture reaches the boiling point, whisk in the egg mixture and cook over a low flame
Make sure the cream is thick for the boston cream pie
Refrigerate until assembly time
Make the ganache
1 slab of dark cooking chocolate
1 tbsp heavy cream
• Melt and mix the ganache ingredients over a double boiler
• Cool completely before topping
1. Level the sponge cake
2. Cut the cake into two layers.
3. Spread the flavoured pastry cream over one layer.
4. Top with the second cake layer.
5. Reserve a small amount of the pastry cream to spread on sides to adhere to almonds.
6. Paste the almonds over the sides of the cake
7. Pour the chocolate ganache on the top

Sprinkle a few shavings of white chocolate on top and garnish with a sew teaspoons of grated pistachio.

The great dubai bakeoff – my overall view.

I just wish the judges were present at the time we started as they came 1 hour after we started.

This is another competition that is on its first year I wish the next few years would look more like the great british bakeoff.

The fun is everyone cooking the same category like it was bread week once at the great british bakeoff.

Also the fun is in having 1 elimination a time where as here there have been 60 contestants out of which 8 are going into the semifinals:-)

All the best to the finalists.

Cherry On Top

Serve English breakfast in a can

Here is  small inspiration from me to all my followers

We do love beans, bread and egg for breakfast or you do. Well yea it’s the English breakfast.  Well I don’t fancy beans but if it is served differently I do like to try. Now I decided to get my beans and bread Breakfast fix differently and with all those innovative molecular gastronomy around town in dubai and the restaurants serving food in cute tiny play containers and toy trucks or atleast they look so cute as toys. I decided why not reuse the bean can and serve myself some breakfast in it and make me feel like having at one of those fancy dinning outlets. Oh I sure have tried a few fancy places but not all of them. With the summer at it’s peak I find it tough to travel and experience much. Breakfast time on weekends is always late and it’s tough to drive somewhere and grab something with 2 kids under 3.

So thats a bit of jabbering done.

Ok grab your beans

Warm it.

Slice the bread and toast it.

Make your egg the way you like it.

Wash the bean can and stuff it with the beans.

Place the rest around and enjoy with a fold or spoon or just get messy with your fingers. We ain’t watching.

All that matters is you gotta enjoy it.

Breakfast done.

Oh I’ve got no ham or sausages as we have stopped consuming it much so yes you can add them too.



Worlds smallest Battenberg cake, Pancake stack and fondant Rose

World smallest Battenberg cake 

We have all seen the worlds smallest stuff or herd of it. But doing it and experiencing for yourself is really interesting. The joy of making yourself the worlds smallest pancake stack or the worlds smallest 5 petal rose out of fondant is indescribable.

I have been wanting to do a battenberg cake but it has been a very inactive plan most of the time. Sometimes it was due to an ingredient missing or sometimes it’s cos i dint have a square or sheet baking pan.

So i decided to make a small tiny battenberg cake to fullfill my requirements and crave for it. It was super easy to make. In no time I had the worlds cutest smallest battenberg cake. The jam and the chocolate went well together.  I did have marzipan but I decided to use chocolate as a coating as I have a few large blocks of chocolate which needs to go fast.

It can be made smaller but there is no point in making it smaller than this if you can barely taste it hence I made it 1 inch long and 5 cm height while the width was just 3 cm only.

It was cute and delicious.


World smallest pancake stack
I made the pancakes with a drop of pancake batter on a pan and drizzled some chocolate syrup on top.

World smallest fondant rose
The fondant rose was made to kee me occupied with the leftover fondant. It was very easy to make 🙂

Mafazas Chocolate Marzipan

The first time I did marzipan was following recipe from a 101 cakes book. It asked me to use 1/2 an egg and the recipe turned out to be a success but sadly I was left with half an egg which then turned into a cookie. I didn’t think using half an egg was ideal and I didn’t want to use 1 egg and make a large batch either. So i decided to create one.

This recipe is ideal to makemarzipan roses and shapes for kida party tables. It great for moulding. I have not tried it on large cakes but it should do fine in small cupcakes to cover the top.

Try it and let me know 🙂

Recipe                              make (14 marzipans)

Chocolate  Marzipan 


1 cup almond powder

1 cup icing sugar

1/2 cup melted chocolate or candy melts

1 tbsp water

1. Mix the ingredients together  and make desired shaped

2. Keeps well in a jar for 4 days

3. Refrigerate for upto 10 days

Check the video on youtube and make with me20160704_204059