The Event


I walked pass the crowd at the metro towards the card swiping machine and took the elevator to the platform. The train was due in 5 minutes.

The platform was less crowded and many faces of busy people hardly anyone who were on a leisure journey.

It was my first time at the metro all alone and I was doing fine with the guide book by the RTA and the help of the security officers.

As the train stopped i quickly got in and found myself a seat in the corner of the ladies compartment.  Yes, dubai RTA has special arrangements for ladies. They have a lady driven taxi as well.

Well i was having a great view of the dubai skyline from the metro as we pass the jumeira area with the burj al arab to my left. I tried to get a photograph as the metro went on its normal speed. The weather was cooling down and I was enjoying the metro ride while strolling through my gallery of my phone for photos and wondering of the event am about to attend.

I dropped off at the emirates metro station and walked towards the bus stop. It was a bit daunting as a first timer but I enjoyed it as I was all alone and exploring dubai.

I took the bus to the festival city mall and the walk to the mall was a kilometre from the bus stop. Finally inside the mall I went in search of the customer service and found jashanmal location.

This was my first metro journey all alone and it lasted 45 minutes. The event i attended was the Aquarius coffee morning and it was my first event in dubai or anywhere to be honest.

The journey from sri lanka to dubai is only 4 hours and 15 minutes but it has given me the 4 years of blogging a world of my own. A page of my own.everything in this blog is my very own words. I know there are many errors grammatically but I still share my own unbiased thoughts.

The blogging journey started on july 3rd with a chicken curry recipe in the year 2012 and today I write all things that I fancy.

The journey was a very long one no matter how small you start always keep your interest and never give up 🙂

Box park

I looked up and found a lot of containers

Is it the harbour?

No its the box park.

Trust me dubai is really an amazing place. Everytime you look up you find something different and it never stops mesmerising one.

Once while passing al wasl road towards jumeira beach is when I saw this beautiful line up of shops with a container head. The interior and exterior is really unique to me. I sure have seen people living containers but never seen it been made to a modern architecture.  Only the the top is container the bottom is very beautiful shops with a very different design each one of them representing there concept



Look Up

The box park has many restaurants in boutique style from ice cream to cold juices and cafes you can find many stores. Starbucks is one of them and all of them are very cozy that one can get lost in which to choose.

If you are travelling to dubai soon do put the box park in your “to visit” list.

It’s a nice place to hangout with friends and family.

Look up for the containers 🙂

Photographs are mine 🙂