Fratelli la bufala



The day I saw the picture

I could close my eyes

I was mentally making the pastry

And imagining the beauty

The delicate layers

The crispy shell

The soft ricotta filling

The coarse semolina mixture

And amazing country

That created this pastry

Was in but Italy

I adore and admire

The beauty of Italian cuisine

The delicious pizzas

Saucy pasta and delicate cheese

Now this pastry

And much more

All belong to the beautifItaly


Honeycomb bread

a bread makers poem

The dough was sticky
And made me think
Will this work

Time was tricky
With the weather hot
And the oven on
It was a magic
To my naked eye
To see the sticky
Dough rise high

Making balls
Was smooth as cheese
Watching with a glee
As they shone like a bee

With loads of honey
Ang sugar tomake it runny
A bit of saffron
To make the different

Written by me 😊

Write a List

I never knew making a list

Would do any good

Until i got a timetable

And realised the time was well managed

I never knew making a grocery list was good

Until I forgot to add a few things

And had to call the grocery to get it delivered

I never knew making a list of things

To take on travel was useful

Until I landed on my vacation

without my running shoes

And swimming clothes

I never knew making a list

Of things to carry on a day out at beach

Was nessesary until I felt thirsty

And felt like drinking sea water

While I couldn’t wait to drive and grab a drink

I didn’t know making a list of those who gifted us

Was important until I landed at a wedding

And the grooms mum asked what did you gift

I didn’t know a list is needed

To record my monthly expenses

Until Iwas asked how much we spend

When all I could do was stare

I didn’t know making a list of dinner ideas

Saved my time on thinking of dinner

I didn’t know that listing the food in fridge

Was useful

Until I tried it and saw how I saved from wastage

Now that I know I make sure to list them all

Into a nice and colourful list

The Poetry of List-Making

The Ingredients

The world has become so complicated

I don’t understand

why should a green tea be on a cake?

Ok. I get it. The cake needs flavour.

But why green tea flavour?

And they call it healthy? You kidding me.

Healthy is a different concept.

Some it can be low carb

While for some it can be low sugar

But addin green tea can never be healthy

Please stop complicating

The world is already complicated