Smoothies, Vitacoco and Nutribullet

Alright congratulations to me

Like i mentioned before I participated in the vitacocoramadan contest and finally won a box of vitacoco plus a brand new nutribullet.

I can’t say how much I wanted it.  I badly needed a light weight single machine like the nutribullet and similar to what mum has back in sri lanka.

When I herd that I’ve won it I was so overwhelmed in joy but I decided to be thankful and did the unboxing slowly with a video.

Trust me if you have babies you need this nutribukket as it helos blend the smoothies and souos for the babies and toddlers.

If you are  a smoothie person get a nutribullet and you will be happy for spending over it.

Am not promoting anything am telling you how much I like nutribullet than my blender.

I will be doing a amoothie post soon with 7 smothies unt then good night and have a great week ahead.


Raiyans Carrot Chips

Mummy was busy with a bit of food styling and photoshoots in the hall. Windows wide open and baby A crawling in his cot and playing with his teddy.

Baby R was behind his mums props and tools. He eyed her tiny tala rolling pin which she got from Ace a few months ago and was taking a photograph of it for a project she has in mind.

Raiyan was asking for the rolling pin and mummy couldn’t say “no” as she had work which needed to be completed before the sun moves away, Thats right mummy takes photographs while the sun is shining through her window. So raiyan kept on asking for mummy’s very expensive tavola spatula which she fondly purchased with her winning voucher gifted by BBC GOODFOODME  for writing the star letter for the march issue. Buying a cute and pink spatula was in raiyans mummys “to buy” list and there seem to be many other cute pink, blue, yellow and purple props in her mind which still dint cross her eyes.

Well raiyans next target was the carrot that mummy just took. Oh he doesn’t hate carrots nor does he love them but he wants everything mummy takes.

After a while mummy was laughing out loud at the sight of her sons actions.

Raiyan was biting the carrots into slices and filling an empty pringle can. When mummy looked he said “chif” (thats how he says chips)

mummy couldn’t stop giggling and she grabbed him by his arms and gave him a hug.

shall we make some carrot chips together?

mummy asked raiyan and he started repeating “carrot chifs, carrot chifs”

mummy got the knife, cutting board and the camera ready

Raiyan stood on the chair holding the knife and trying to cut.

Well it’s plastic but it wouldn’t cut in one go. Mummy had to hold his hands and give a bit of strength so it cut well.

Raiyan was all smiles watching the knife cut the carrot into circles and enjoying the fact that he is a part of it..

After the carrots were cut raiyan sprinkle some garlic salt on top which mummy instructed to do so and he doubtfully licked a bit of garlic salt of the carrots.

He love dit and he went in for a second and thrid time with his tiny hands before mummy saw and grabbed it.

You will eat once the chips are ready.

The oil was hot and mummy just wished she had a good airfryer so raiyan can have a healthier version and he himself would enjoy adding them to the airfryer. But he did put the first batch of carrots into the oil and the oil slashed onto his tiny hand which was invisible yet painful. The first experience in the kitchen and he ran away with fear  mummy insisted him to stand away and watch.

He watched mummy drain the carrot chips in a paper tower and add them on to a plate.

Finally mummy asked him to sit on the sofa and she would bring the chips for him to eat.

He posed for a picture and took a few bites off the first carrot and put it back on the plate. After a few forces he finally ate just a slice of carrot too.

Mummy wished she did bake it and she will bake it next time.

Raiyan wash distracted by the real pringle can that lay besides the sofa.

And he started eating off the unhealthy but delicious store bought chips which his mum watched in silence while baby A was trying to grab a piece.

Watch the video below to see the ohotos and have fun.