Smoothies, Vitacoco and Nutribullet

Alright congratulations to me

Like i mentioned before I participated in the vitacocoramadan contest and finally won a box of vitacoco plus a brand new nutribullet.

I can’t say how much I wanted it.  I badly needed a light weight single machine like the nutribullet and similar to what mum has back in sri lanka.

When I herd that I’ve won it I was so overwhelmed in joy but I decided to be thankful and did the unboxing slowly with a video.

Trust me if you have babies you need this nutribukket as it helos blend the smoothies and souos for the babies and toddlers.

If you are  a smoothie person get a nutribullet and you will be happy for spending over it.

Am not promoting anything am telling you how much I like nutribullet than my blender.

I will be doing a amoothie post soon with 7 smothies unt then good night and have a great week ahead.

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