I really loved to paint

As much as I hated drawing

C is all my drawing scored

When the teacher gave is just to please me

I hardly enjoyed the crayons

And believed my self-incapable of any art

Just until I realized

How anything is possible with a bit of effort

Which is when I started admiring

The artwork of others

So it may just inspire

To be a bit creative

Which is all I lacked

A little bit of inspiration

I give the paper and some paint

For my sons so they may get inspired

And do what their imagination goes towards

While I can enjoy even the tiniest scribble

As a work of art

A painting worth to be treasured


Food photography


Mornings are very productive part of a food photographer like me. We are those home based food bloggers with a Samsung S7 camera and the sunlight with a few props and backgrounds mostly made of kitchen towels and store bought materials.

Morning is the hour when I run to the window

To open it wide before the sunlight leaves

The sunlight is all that brings some color

To my food photography

I run to grab an egg or even a few slices of baguettes

It can even be a few fruits or some dried roses

All I need is a good photo

Which is only possible when the sun is out

And mostly in the mornings

I cook at night and save a bit

So I can take a better image in the morning

Mornings are for coffee, lunchboxes, laundry, kids lunch and anything that comes on the way

But I mostly look forward to the photos

This is a homemade quick breakfast

Which I put together  in less than 10 minutes

The tomatoes were grilled

The baguette was toasted with a bit of olive oil and garlic salt

The chives were heated in the same pan as the baguette

The egg was made to be a bit runny

And the pasta filata was cut and served as a side