The Ingredients

The world has become so complicated

I don’t understand

why should a green tea be on a cake?

Ok. I get it. The cake needs flavour.

But why green tea flavour?

And they call it healthy? You kidding me.

Healthy is a different concept.

Some it can be low carb

While for some it can be low sugar

But addin green tea can never be healthy

Please stop complicating

The world is already complicated





The bird carries a stick to build its nest

Which consists of a few many stick

The bird pecks the food

To fill its tiny stomach

We humans carry the money

To build a house

While some carry stones to build a house

Not for them but for a few penny

We carry a large grocery bag

Just to fill our tummy

What is the difference between us and the birds

We carry and complain

They carry but dont complain

Our burdens are big for use

But its a pride for the little birds