Write a List

I never knew making a list

Would do any good

Until i got a timetable

And realised the time was well managed

I never knew making a grocery list was good

Until I forgot to add a few things

And had to call the grocery to get it delivered

I never knew making a list of things

To take on travel was useful

Until I landed on my vacation

without my running shoes

And swimming clothes

I never knew making a list

Of things to carry on a day out at beach

Was nessesary until I felt thirsty

And felt like drinking sea water

While I couldn’t wait to drive and grab a drink

I didn’t know making a list of those who gifted us

Was important until I landed at a wedding

And the grooms mum asked what did you gift

I didn’t know a list is needed

To record my monthly expenses

Until Iwas asked how much we spend

When all I could do was stare

I didn’t know making a list of dinner ideas

Saved my time on thinking of dinner

I didn’t know that listing the food in fridge

Was useful

Until I tried it and saw how I saved from wastage

Now that I know I make sure to list them all

Into a nice and colourful list

The Poetry of List-Making