The stary night

When I was in fifth grade we learnt that Venus is the second object visible next to the moon that is bright and visible from earth in the sky.

It was known as the morning star or the evening star and has been an inspiration for writers and poets. Venus was an inspiration in my life too, as a writer and poet. I have spent many days counting stars that twinkled high up in the sky. Everytime i see a star that twinkles I am inspired to write.

Venus is for sure a planet that twinkles like a star and I often mistake it as a star. At 5 am in the mornings or 11 pm in the night I look hight up in the sky always wondering if there are any stars twinkling down at me.

We all learnt therhymes twinkle twinkle little star. But have you everwondered if the star is really twinkling or is it out eyes thats twinkling?


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