Blue Cheese

I walked along the Ayle

Look for a new cheese

Just tor try and find

How different are they all

Burrata was soft

While mozarella isa staple

I’ve tried gorgonzola

It was very pungent

I got a blue cheese tub

Which had blue lid

But the cheese was not blue

As i expected it to be

It looked like a gorgonzola

But a bit too softer

I slogged to find a recipe

I even wondered if i should have it in a bread

Or stuff it in tomatoes

And serve it with a bruschetta

It was a very tough effort to try a new cheese

That was not a staple In my pantry

Being a food writer Is not that easy

I’ve slogged a great deal, to come so far

Blue cheese was finally topped on my pizza

Which now tastes better than any other

Trying new things needs a lot of slog20160915_204045_crop_756x865