The bloggers mum

It’s another year gone and we are all getting old. Every new year I remember one person in my life and that’s my mum. She was born on the 1st of January and we always talk about how the world celebrates the January first born peoples birthdays while they sit back and talk about it. I enjoy watching fireworks because it’s really amazing to see them and now I have given up on it too. Am I getting old??? (Wondering face)

Living in Dubai for the first few years I was very excited to explore Dubai and see new things which Dubai never fails to reveal every year. I have been wanting to watch the fireworks at Burj Khalifa during my earlier years but never had the chance to witness it live. At this moment I like to celebrate my blog with you as we start the year 2017 and hope to bring you loads of good content.

A bit about my mum.

People appreciated her food, her creativity in sewing and her neatness. I like her pasta and the prawn pizza. She made some good pastries. She always bugged me to learn and be better than her. She wanted us to bake bread at home which was a rare talent during those years. She wanted us to do everything at home.

I love to write and all these contents I’ve written is all because of my mum’s words. She kept chasing me to learn cooking and that’s what has led me to this niche “food blogging” which developed with my passion to write and while I struggled in which niche to start. Poetry was my initial love but food has given me the fame and publicity. Wish my mum was well and happy.

“Parents know the best ” my confession.

Always obey them even if it’s difficult.


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