I write this a journal.

Now everyday life is about learning new things. Ideas float in at random times but when you sit down to write something, all that you can think of is “what did I want to write”.

Its been a couple of months since i purchased my domain name and got this new blog and before it was 2 months old I learnt am pregnant again and many thoughts floated in my mind on how am gonna manage it. As a mummy of two it’s a huge responsibility. Managing kids is by itself a very big responsibility so finding time to write is impossible at times with routine of daily  chores, dinner and then at times kids fall sick  (its like every month he falls sick) and then I am floating in my sleep with work on my hands. Trust me it’s fun if you learn it slowly but the moment you try to master it in a rush, you fail. You loose patience and scream. Literally I did scream a few times but then I realised it’s all my part of daily life. Without it I would be bored and sad. So if you are a new mommy to be or gonna be the mummy of 2 or 3. Just float in this motherhood do not rush to swim at once if so you will drown yourself. It’s like learning to swim (not that I know how to swim, but I did learn a few lessons and only learnt how to float 😅 ) so take it slow and make a list of priority and that’s only the family meals, laundry (especially of your husband) , kids timetable and there cleanliness. The rest is if time permits (which includes taking an ice cream or a few cups of coffee)


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