Do you ever like to have 30 grams of sugar without adding it to anything? I  wouldn’t even wanna lick a few crystal sugars. I honestly hate sugar but I would never have my tea or coffee without sugar. It doesn’t matter if its sugar or stevia but I need my tea and coffee to be sweet. Let alone the chocolate bars as they dont count as sugar to me. I don’t love  chocolates but I enjoy them. It doesn’t need to be luxury chocolates but something with nuts and simple is all I crave. Simplicity is the best way to enjoy food.  I dono how a cappuccino with 24 karat gold might taste and I really don’t feel like spending money to eat or drink gold coated stuff. Go for the simple food that has a boost of flavour rather than something that will burst your wallet. I don’t write to say don’t try it. But if you have the luxury try it once but don’t try it the second or third time. Spend that money in charity to give something simple so the poor can be thankful.

We always enjoy simple stuff and those simple things in life is always a luxury to us.


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