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Cinnamon rolls


I was made of flour

Mixed with eggs

And  a splash of  milk

A pinch of salt and a drop of oil

Together they became a ball of dough

I was raised for hours

They rolled me very neatly

Into  a thin sheet and sprinkled over

some sugar with a mix of cinnamon

Then carefully rolled together

Into a long roll and cut into six

Placed in a tray

And dumped in the oven

At 180 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes

Together I was baked

Warm and hot was my body

As I lay to cool

Over they drizzle a thick white glaze

That adorned my body

Which was soft and sweet

Together they devoured admiringly

They call me a cinnamon roll



It’s a roll of filo

Or you may layer them over

Very fragile Yet crispy and strong

Sandwiched with nuts

And drizzle with a syrup

Made of sugar or even honey

The filo is very fragile

And needs to be handle

With extreme care

and cuddle in a towel

Just make sure they dont tear

Or dry out quick and not over cooked

It is a greek

But mostly loved by the middleeastern

They can be rolled as a cylinder

or made into triangles

Just make sure you butter each layer

So that they are not undercooked

Baklava is a really a devine sweet

The entire world will love its fragile pastry

Stuffed with nuts and Sweetened with syrup20160912_165001-640x480


Blue Cheese

I walked along the Ayle

Look for a new cheese

Just tor try and find

How different are they all

Burrata was soft

While mozarella isa staple

I’ve tried gorgonzola

It was very pungent

I got a blue cheese tub

Which had blue lid

But the cheese was not blue

As i expected it to be

It looked like a gorgonzola

But a bit too softer

I slogged to find a recipe

I even wondered if i should have it in a bread

Or stuff it in tomatoes

And serve it with a bruschetta

It was a very tough effort to try a new cheese

That was not a staple In my pantry

Being a food writer Is not that easy

I’ve slogged a great deal, to come so far

Blue cheese was finally topped on my pizza

Which now tastes better than any other

Trying new things needs a lot of slog20160915_204045_crop_756x865


Dampfnudeln and Babka

I was watching the great british bake off bread week last week and found the different varieties of breads the contestants baked really interestedme.

I just wondered why haven’t I thought about these before?

The gbbo is a good show that is very informative and it can help us the viewers discover something new and radiant. The previous series had a puddings week which astound me and made me watch most of the episodes and get glued to it and watch for the next season. The puddings week educated me on how the puddings became into this world  from the very first method of making puddings to the latest trend. The word puddings means “dessert” in my part of the world but in ancient times it has been a savoury dish that consisted of meat which later developed into being made out of dried fruits and nuts with sugar. Whatever said and done i was perplexed at the history of puddings and the part when the worlds largest pudding was attempted in an European gathering to serve the guests.

While watching the latest episode i was perplexed  by the world Dampfnudeln.

Its a bake off and did they just mention dumplings and noodles in one word? That’s  right.

That was exactly what I was thinking.

I’ve seen dumplings. I’ve made and tasted noodles of a few sorts including the instant noodles. But I’ve never had both together.

Oh i was given 1 or maybe 2 minutes to go wild and imagine the dumplings filled with noodles baked in an oven. I know its my wierdest imagination but honestly thats all I Could think of and when the description for the Dampfnudeln was revealed I was perplexed again.

Com’on we were taught to steam buns and cakes in my cookery class back in colombo but I’ve never dared to try it and for sure it was not steamed in this form. Well I was all happy with smiles as if though I’ve discovered  a new technique which was very tricky as well as very cost savy.

Oh i bake and love baking but I do fear those electricity bills but if I can steam and get the same results why not try it.

I googled for a few recipes and tried the babka which was a funny name for a bread in my part of the world yet a very interesting technique.  I really enjoyed making it. It had a radiant look and the outcome perplexed me.

Finally i did the Dampfnudeln using the leftover dough of my babka and made the custard sauce to steam it using my knowledge and the recipe from an online site.

I was so concentrating on paul hollywoods advice that if we try and lift the lid to check the Dampfnudeln it may go down and the bread may not work so I gave the Dampfnudeln more time and finally ended up with burnt bottom Dampfnudeln. Well they had there bottoms burnt but the body was soft and perfectly risen with a smooth face. I am for sure gonna attempt again till then good night.


<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/perplexed/">Perplexed</a>


It’s a daily prompt and am tempted to learn the meaning of the word Radical. Everyday we get a word but sometimes it’s quiet radical and often its a word like radical that makes me go in search of the meaning. So am writing while reading.

*I’ve used the word radical above which menas not the ordinary.

Learn with me on how to use the word radical in a food blog.

I know and you know that i prefer to write all things food and travel but sometimes writing a prose or a poem makes me feel radical. It means which is why I started writing food poems because I love writing poems.

*I used radical in the above to mean its not the ordinary way for a food blog to write poems.

I see many recipes use ingredients that are not very radical but they are all trying to invent something new yet we should not forget that all recipes are just twisted and nothing is purely radical.

*I’ve used the word radical above to mean that not all recipes are traditional and purely done or invented by the writer most of them are twisted from the original recipe from somewhere or someone.  And nothing can be purely traditional.


A boat ride


The view if the garhoud bridge from the edge of an abra boat. The ride was very peaceful and relaxing as the light from the blue bridge appeared over the boat while we crossed it.





Sanwiches are easy snacks that can be made with anything you get in your fridge or pantry.

Make it fun and easy by using your imagination as a key.

I am a cake and cookie decorator during my free time or when I crave to try a design so my tool box is filled with loads if cookie cutter in various shapes and patterns. Sometimes I feel like selling them but at times I wonder if i should really sell them and thise are the times I thing of different ways to use the cookie cutters.

That is how I began making sandwiches of different shapes and sizes. You can see a variety of sanwiches and many more to come in the near future on my posts of instagram. Check me on pinterest too for my sandwich feed.

It’s a new creativity in my mind that has turned into shape.

Ideal way to feed your picky eating kids and the best way to adore your party  tables.

Do share a picture on instagram if you do happen to make a sandwich inspired by me. Hashtag #sandwichEWM OR #sandwichwithmafaza

Ideas to fill the sandwiches,

Eggs go well in circle shapes or even ovals

You can make peanut butter or nutella for butterfly shapes

Make trains with vegetables and cheese

Use cheese to stick the wheels or anything to make your design.

The stary night

When I was in fifth grade we learnt that Venus is the second object visible next to the moon that is bright and visible from earth in the sky.

It was known as the morning star or the evening star and has been an inspiration for writers and poets. Venus was an inspiration in my life too, as a writer and poet. I have spent many days counting stars that twinkled high up in the sky. Everytime i see a star that twinkles I am inspired to write.

Venus is for sure a planet that twinkles like a star and I often mistake it as a star. At 5 am in the mornings or 11 pm in the night I look hight up in the sky always wondering if there are any stars twinkling down at me.

We all learnt therhymes twinkle twinkle little star. But have you everwondered if the star is really twinkling or is it out eyes thats twinkling?



Dont you think
They are smiling
Before we bite in
They were shivering
Hence the cracks
We think its happiness
Yet its a mere shiver
That all scones have

Before we bite and destroy there beauty
We rejoice is happiness

As we save time On cutting

and just dab the cream

With a bit of jam
By ripping them apart
So our teeth can bite
And enjoy them wholeheartedly