Sugar factory

The new York famous sugar factory has landed in dubai a few weeks ago.

Sugar factory? What can it be like?

I was wondering until I dined on the 3oth Tuesday. ย Ok I assumed they will have candy for sure and I also guessed they will be adding candy in there beverages and desserts. Okay I went wild and assumed they might infuse the appetisers and main courses with candy, thank god they didn’t (laughing)

I was very excited to attend the dinner especially knowing it’s the celebrity dined store in new york and it has reached dubai the first franchise that has opened out of USA.

Oh dubai has the best dinning experience according to my knowledge not that I’ve travelled around the world but I love the dinning concepts that dubai has to offer.

As I walked into the sugar factory located on the first floor ย at dubai festival city mall I was greeted by the staff as well as the candy displays. To my right was the walk of fame which has photographs of the celebrities picture take while dinning at the new York sugar factory. As we walked in to ifnd a table I witnessed the huge frames to my right and wallpaper which had the opera theme to my left which had some good comfy settings. ย The last row seatings were even better with a view of the creek you could see a part of dubai through the glass while dinning. That seating would be ideal for a romantic dinner date ๐Ÿ˜Š

I was greeted by the franchise owner who himself walked me into the sugar factorys brief history.

I was given the menu and the goblets were the feature of the menu. I have seen many photos of the food they serve and got an idea on what to order so I went for the goblet which had two large lolipops stuck into it and tied up with a gummy.

The poured the beverage over the table so we could experience the thrill of it. It was really beautiful and i felt like a 5 year old in a candy store.

The food was good.

Waffle with chicken I was not sure if they would go together but they went fine.

The steak with signature butter was good but I cant say much about the steak cos this is my first steak out at a restaurant ๐Ÿ˜Š i loved the signature butter it was delicious.

The pizza, I always prefer seafood or pepperoni or even Newyork pizza. Chicken and beef dont go together well they do have a variety of topping options in the menu.

Seafood in lemon sauce was super devine. The orawns and the scallop was cooked to perfection. The fish was also well cooked and the lemon sauce was very devine. Creamy and well flavoured. I loved it.

Mini meat burgers were great. The size fit well for a starter and two of these would have made me full. This is the ninth burger I’ve tried in dubai and this burger goes to rank no4 in my list.

The prawn and avacado Bruschetta is another highlight with its tomato sauce. The orawns and avacado went well together. I loved it I just did a mistake ย by using a fork and a knife to eat them and am sure the hands would have made it better. Please use your hands and eat the bruschetta because they need to be bitten into and not cut through. ย The prawn is still making me crave for more.

It sure is a place you will want to go back to and enjoy.

We witnessed two birthdays being celebrated by the customers and it was the “Spirit of Candys” really fun and enjoyable.

The pricing for the meals were reasonable yet the goblet is around 80 of your going for it. But the food is really priced well.

We were invited for a media dinner and we even walked out with a bag of candys.

I had to come back soon hence couldn’t have dessert but they do have a good selection for an affordable price.

Trust me this is a very good place to dine and have fun with friends.

I was just invited to taste the food and am writing this review on my own will and I was not compeled to write. Well am building my portfolio.



Fratelli la bufala

Red Tomatoe Pizza

The interior is amazing
I just love every bit of furniture they have.
It’s just the best place to sit and enjoy a good woodfire pizza.ambience is warm and welcoming.

I was choosen as a winner for an instagram contest and I got the chance to dine for free oh yea I chose to takeaway as it was Ramadan.


I got a four cheese pizza and a signature pizza. The four cheese pizza was really good and my nonspicy son loved it.

The signature pizza was perfect for adults with a balance of spices.

I really enjoyed there pizza which was different to the normal pizzas we have been having which was cheap yet too bland.

What make red tomato pizza special is they make it individually with care.

Mix and muesli

We are all bored of eating the same thing every day. But sometimes when it is healthy some don’t have an option but to grab and go those muesli packs with a cup of milk and stay fed. I am not a daily muesli person, in fact, I hate those plain mueslis. I would eat it if it had a load of nuts and dried fruits. When I came across the mix and muesli concept I really liked it because I can mix my own combination and enjoy muesli.

I was told to choose one and I opted for the premix as it mentioned having mixed berries, dried apple, pecan, almonds, raisins and chia seeds. On top of all the entire ingredients are totally Organic. Isn’t that nice? Yes, it sure is a good healthy “Energy booster”. That’s what my mix is called.

I did a 2-day muesli of which day 1 was muesli with milk and day 2 was muesli with yogurt. Don’t frown. It was delicious. Try it and let me know.

Check my Instagram and watch my muesli days for inspiration.soon il try it with orange juice ๐Ÿ™‚






They use there own homemade sauces as marinade for there chicken and if you need more flavour just feel free to add some from the bottles.


This Strawberry and orange shake or juice ir whatever they call it was super good. I have been wanting to try this style for a long time and here i go. If you dont like ice please ask for without ice.


Thats there flavours ๐Ÿ™‚ nice ambience


The chicken was done perfectly and it was spicy for my sri lankan taste bud. We usually have grilled chicken from those shawarma shops on weekends and they lack spiciness. This was a good flavour. I enjoyed eating. Not to forget the fries. Its a good portion for the unhealthy to complete the fries but then again you can choose your sides i chose fries because i like fries.


Beef escalada doesn’t it look beautiful. I want one of those stands ๐Ÿ˜ฆ the beef again was well done and good. Flavour was lemon and spicy. The mushrooms and fries were super good. It was sweet potato fries and my son enjoyed it. So its a sharing platter for mum and son.


I was full but there is nothing as no toom for dessert. So i had to dig in and enjoy. I thought it was chocolate lava but it was a sticky date pudding with hot sauce and ice cream. My son was seated there spooning the ice cream while i enjoyed the cake. Now i found a way to keep him entertained when i travel. Get a tub of ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚ i dont give him ice cream.

Galitos is a newly opened restaurant at bay square. They are soon to open a branch in DIFC. I would recommend it to anyone because of the taste of the chicken. That was my exploring of a new restaurant.

Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest and went in on a random day to do a taste testing.
All notes written are my own and honest opinion.
All photographs are taken by s7 and are mine please ask before using anything.

Trucks @ The Beach JBR

A walk from home about 8 minutes to the bus stop
A bus ride from there to the metro which took 15 minutes or so
The metro ride was 45 minutes
Finally, the tram took us in 2 minutes to the beach
It was fun but a bit tiring
As I reached it was just a kilometre walk to the beach from the tram
As I entered the beach it was a very warm and friendly atmosphere which welcomed us
The beach was busy with kids playing
Stalls selling lovely stuff
The cafes lined up were busy with customers enjoying the beach view while they had their meals
Behind the beach was the walk and the walk has all sorts of facilities and activities for everyone. They have an area with many fantasy rides and restaurants to suit your budget from high end to the medium range.

The best time to be at the beach is after 4 pm and the sunset view is spectacular
I was in a rush so couldn’t take many photographs

My main attraction was the trucks lined up as a part of Dubai food festival event.
They had “The melting” with traditional poutines and the “shake shack” with delicious fresh burgers while the hollandaise pancakes were there with all sorts of toppings and a juice bar with fresh fruit juices. The “Red tomato” pizza had some crispy woodfire pizzas in the cream-colored truck.
The entire area was lively with some benches and bean bags where the customers enjoyed their food surrounded by trucks, sand in toes, a windy breeze from the sea which was sad of the soon to approach summer. The crescent was there for a few hours enjoying the view and waiting till I captured my first ever photograph of the moonย  with my s7 ๐Ÿ˜†

A little about the food I tried
I first headed over to shake shack. Yes, I’ve seen there Instagram and I’ve been craving for a good shake shack burger for a long time. A meal for 2 costs just around 90 dirhams which are very filling and they make the burgers with fresh bright ingredients. Their fries are really crispy and delicious I’d say with cheese or without cheese, they are really good.

I was not hungry but I wanted to try the red tomato pizza too. Yes, I do follow them on Instagram and they make me crave for pizza everyone I stop over. Why are there pizzas so special?
Well, it’s cooked under woodfire and the wood fire aroma makes pizza a bit different.ย  You have to try it for you to know it.ย  I’d say if I don’t mind about the quantity I’d go for a red tomato pizza instead of anything else. It really delicious.

I was on a media tasting pass but then my opinion would be same even if I went as a customer.

I would say the long trip which was a walk, bus ride, metro ride and a tram trip was well worth it. The memories are really something to cherish.

The food trucks will be there until the 19th of March if you are in Dubai head over this weekend and enjoy the Dubai food festival.
I hope I took you on a food story ride along the beach at JBR .











All pictures are mine and taken from s7 ๐Ÿ™‚
Please ask if you want anything

Thank you

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Ocean Basket : A Seafood Lunch

I was invited for an exclusive Lunch at Ocean Basket Mirdiff city center branch ย with the founder of the restaurant chain Fats Lazarides and CEO Grace Harding.

This was my first lunch at a restaurant in Dubai with the founder and CEO. I was very excited. finding my ย way was not tough as the location being at a Mall and walking with a stroller is my new fashion. hahaha people, everywhere i go with my pram and kid cos it was not a paid job for me to find a nanny or a daycare to leave my son. my son enjoys the ride with me and I always confirm with the host if kids are allowed or else I don’t attend.

we met with the founder fats lazarides who was talking to his guests to make sure they are fie and taken care off while grace the CEO was so friendly and sat talking and discussing all things food.
we were served with out lunch in a few minutes. our starter was a sushi platter and a mussel chowder. the mussel chowder was so creamy and delicious. the sushi was perfect. next came another set of started which was a large bowl of salad and a lovely lobster. the lobster was perfectly cooked and it was a beauty on the plate. our mains were the grilled seafood platter which had fish, chips, prawns, calamari and mussels. there was also a middle eastern flavoured salad which i call it middle eastern flavored due to its sumac garnish and hummus dip. try it you will fall in love with salads.

we ended our lovely lunch with a choice of drink and two lovely desserts. the sticky toffee pudding and malva pudding. i was told the malva pudding is a very south african dish which was especially made by a south african lady for the ocean basket. trust me I am in love with that malva pudding.
over all it was a great lunch with the founder of ocean basket, the CEO, editors of some leading magazines and the PR. I was the only Food Blogger at the lunch and am excited to share of my images below ๐Ÿ™‚

they offer vegetarian sushi for those who are vegetarian and they were delicious too.
kids have a choice of going for fish and chips which comes with a drink on the kids menu and you can have a baby seat incase you forgot your pram ๐Ÿ™‚
the images were taken by myself and I am not paid or forced to write a review I write this post on my own wish and the words are mine too. honestly the food at ocean basket is really worth the money.