A boat ride


The view if the garhoud bridge from the edge of an abra boat. The ride was very peaceful and relaxing as the light from the blue bridge appeared over the boat while we crossed it.

Box park

I looked up and found a lot of containers

Is it the harbour?

No its the box park.

Trust me dubai is really an amazing place. Everytime you look up you find something different and it never stops mesmerising one.

Once while passing al wasl road towards jumeira beach is when I saw this beautiful line up of shops with a container head. The interior and exterior is really unique to me. I sure have seen people living containers but never seen it been made to a modern architecture.  Only the the top is container the bottom is very beautiful shops with a very different design each one of them representing there concept



Look Up

The box park has many restaurants in boutique style from ice cream to cold juices and cafes you can find many stores. Starbucks is one of them and all of them are very cozy that one can get lost in which to choose.

If you are travelling to dubai soon do put the box park in your “to visit” list.

It’s a nice place to hangout with friends and family.

Look up for the containers 🙂

Photographs are mine 🙂


Flying with kids

part 1 dxb-cmb

I have flown alone and also with a baby which not everyone can do unless you have the will power.flying with no adult partner is considered an adventure in my life. I enjoy flying with a partner or alone but the previous trips with my eldest son was a bit daunting as he was less occupied which I learnt recently.

Flying with a toddler and baby is not something easy as we are pushed to a lot of stress in considering the fellow passengers comfort.  Not everyone is child friendly and not all the stewards help you with kids. Some stewards make sure they dont cross us when they see you with a fussy kid. Trust me it did happen in a few planes.

So my journey was just 4 hours and 15 minutes always as it was from dubai to colombo and backwards. Even for an hour kids can hardly sit still unless they sleep. My previous trips I’ve tried piriton with Dr’s advice but this time I had to fly alone with 2 kids and I read a good deal that made me opt out of feeding my kids piriton.

They needed something to keep them busy. I took this trip as an adventure and started packing a bag for my eldest with all the things he love to eat and play.

It was a new bag so he loved strolling it around the airport. As we boarded the plane I took a few stuff and stored it in the seat pocket and left the bag on the cabin.

Luckily we had a television on board and had the opportunity to watch kung fu panda 3 which R enjoyed watching.

They didn’t give any kids coloring set or kids meal while flying from dubai to colombo although they did give it to the kid next to us.  Infact my son was 2.8 and he had his own seat and they dint bother to ask if he needs a meal until I asked them and the attendant carelessly replied “we dont have kids meal i’ll just give the same meal as you”? I had to agree cos I needed the meal to keep him occupied. I used the tab with all the programs for an hour.  Then i used the coloring set I bought along for the next hour. He slept an hour in which time I had my breakfast and fed my 8 month old in the cabin toilet. Then came the last hour in which R had his meals and watched the other half of the kung fu panda 3.

In the meantime I did use some apple juice and biscuits to keep “A” full and occupied although he did scrape the panda off the screen and enjoy rapping some baby music on the cabin table.

We did not get a bassinet as I was seated on the 3rd row and bassinets are provided only for the first row passengers. Baby A slept on my arms comfortably for a while and his rattles kept him busy later on.

Thus ended my plane trip with the 2 boys from dubai to colombo. We sure did have a nice time amidst the fact that mum is still not feeling well but she was happy to see us and was feeling sad that we came back in 2 weeks. Emirates is sure a nice plane 🙂



1. Pack a set of color pencils and a bookto scribble

2. Get some stickers and a card

3. Some domino’s that may interest your kid like fruits which R was learning

4. Always pack a bag and give the child to carry

5. Make sure you get some lolipols and smarties or even biscuits of teddy shapes (I hardly give sweets to R unless as a reward so it was fine)

The final tip

Always talk and play with your kid and help him be occupied


The Stroller blogger

I don’t have a picture of myself witha stroller so I drew it 🙂


I started of cooking and posting then i moved on to sharing photographs.  Later it became restaurant reviewing in the meantime I did attend a few events that all had a great impact in my food blogging journey.

This is where my stroller came to light. I started off strolling over the blog with names that interested me and suddenly one day I thought all these names had no uniquenessin them. Then didn’t say a thing about my blog or didn’t reflect on myself.

This is where the new name “Explorewithmafaza” came up and I am sure everyone likes it.

I may have stolled from one name as a shopaholic travel diary to travel and food worldwide and then the recipe writer. But explore with mafaza is the real meaning of my blog. Yes, everything I post here is something I explore everyday or something I like you to explore with me. Explore is a word that reflects my blogger in me. I enjoy exploring for which I  need to travel and as a mother of 2 kids I have to either keep them and go or take them along. This is where my next stroller comes as a rescue. Yes I have attended the italian cuisine world summit in 2014 with eldest boy at age 1 believe me it was a challenge. I know some might have wondered why on earth did I bring a kid in to a masterclass but trust me I did manage him and the class. The people who attended were very helpful too and they all loved my kid. Then I did attend a restaurant launch with my eldest. Later I was perg eith the 2nd which made me take a break and again I attended  a restaurant review and media tasting with both my boys and the stroller was a great help to atleast kee one in place. I wish I had a twin stroller.

I strolled the streets of dubai with my stroller a “quiny zap extra” and now a “juniors” and Ilike the handle of the zap while the juniors is more travel friendly.

Well yes I stroll the streets and roads of dubai with my stroller. I enjoy it but 2 kids for travel is not an easy think to handle so I have limited my ling distance travel. I would go anywhere if i can bring my stroller along and if it’s not allowed I’d rather stay home and cook up a meal or watch some television or even create a blog post.

There have been instances where people used to ask in comments if it was me with a stroller.


Don’t laugh

My kids love travelling as much as I do and I make sure they are comfortable.

To top it all my inspiration is the news that said a minister of a country bought her 10 month old baby to the parliament.


Mamzar beach down memory lane

PicsArt_04-11-11.01.55It’s the beginning of summer here in Dubai and I am missing the winter muse. The hot chocolates and warm soups were mostly in the menu during winter. The last few days of the best time to BBQ Is almost here and the parks are less crowded during weekend mornings.
It’s time to stock up on those sun screens and shades while gather the comfortable summer outfits.

Whether it’s summer or winter the atmosphere is mesmerising her in Dubai. The little things are admirable. Dubai never stops pleasing those who are exploring and admiring .
Let alone the new additions I hoped into the mamzar beach park at 12 noon on Saturday. It’s massive and when explored by foot I passed by the information area just opposite the pool and came across 2 bicycles parked beneath a bush. The wall and the iron grill behind the bush created some pattern. I grabbed my mobile to capture the picture. Those are the pictures I’ve always seen online and have been wanting to capture someday.

The walk from the administration office to the prayer room was 1 km and as I entered the prayer room I was drawn towards memory lane.
The Arabian architecture with ancient history was evident in that small room which has blue carpets with red patterns. The windows and doors reminded me of my grandparents house back in negombo which was made of solid wood. The traditional lamps which had bulbs instead of candles reminded me of my grandma’s house. 15 years ago my grandmas house they used a lamp with kerosene and thick string. The light was dim but the surrounding was rather peaceful and warm. Those days have been replaced with rechargeable lamps and batteries yet I was happy to see the lamp.
The borders on the roof reminded me of my childhood spent in my grandparents house. Those patterns meant something special. I believe I have been spending my childhood lonely moments staring at those pattern along the ceiling. Oh the ceiling. The ceiling which was open and made the bottom of the roof visible was even a better view. Laying in bed and watching the ceiling is a meditation in my point of view. I remember the quiet peaceful nights at my grandma’s house where we sleep with the sound of the fan echoing in the clay tiled roof and around the ceilings. We never had television at our grandparents house the nature was our view.

The view through the window is even more amazing.
I just loved the place. The view through the window was like watching my grandpa’s coconut trees. We used to play under huge coconut trees and we were told not to go around a coconut tree. Sometimes we see coconut fall off the tree and the fear of having coconut knock us down made my grandma warn us of playing around a coconut tree.
The breeze from the wind at a house surrounded by a coconut tree is really healthy. Trust me it’s way better than air-condition.
I even got to take my dream shot a tiny bird seated on a lamp .

The birds chirping the wind from the beach and the palm trees made the place more comforting. Not just the prayer room the surrounding of this place was also the same.

I have seen the large branches of the coconut tree dried and fallen some people use it as a roof or fence, back in the towns of sri lanka ( not all houses, but a selected lot) The first time in Dubai I saw beach with dried palm tree branches put as a fence in mamzar beach Park. I just couldn’t stop myself from standing still and enjoying the breeze from the sea with the fresh dried palm leaf aroma mixed with sea water. My grandma used to add dried coconut tree branches with leaves instead of firewood and the entire kitchen smelled so good that I still can feel better when thinking about her kitchen. She even used coconut husk as a substitute for firewood which is really an eco friendly way I believe instead of cutting down precious trees.

Like a tourist in my country: sri lanka





    a photo post

a bloggers addiction

travelling around colombo

photographing the kingsbury hotel in colombo while the CHOGM heat was flying around with posh cars and high security around the main areas in colombo.

loved the night breeze in colombo fort.











Kukulegama : laya leisure

A couple of days spent away from home town

Visiting srilanka after a year and a half on vacation mean a lot of traveling has to happen. Apart from the visiting to relatives and friends get togethers a couple of day with a very close family member is always fun. When its somewhere in a peaceful environment where you can stay in with no worries like you’ve moved in to a seperate small island is something everyone would love. Soon after a delivery it was  relaxing time at the resort.

Kukulegama : laya leisure

Located in the south west of srilanka its a long drive of nearly two hours from colombo. A little bit of a hilly area with narrow roads leading to a large gate with laya leisure engraved on the walls to the right. Entering through the gates we were welcomed by many small cottages which gave a feeling of entering a small village. All cottages looked alike with the only difference being the size which was not visible from the out.
Each cottage had its own small garden with many facilities such as room with an attached bathroom, seperate pantry, a dinning area and a hall. All the necessary equipments and furniture’s were available. We booked a two room cottage for the 4 of us. On our way we shopped in for some snacks,  Maggie “cup a mani, some coffee,  milo and water at the food city.

Soon after booking our cottage we had lunch as the time was 3 and almost pass lunch time.  Hunger called us to enjoy the spread of buffet with a line up of srilankan cuisine.  Having done with lunch we headed over to our cottage and got sorted with the luggages. Soon after refreshing and getting dressed to spend the day out and about.

Walking over to the mini mart which had all sorts of goods like snacks, drinks, toiletries, swim clothes and the list of activities available at the resort.
We had to buy the tickets for each acticity at the mini mart and all activities are closed after 6 in the evening.
The first day went on roaming around the resort.  Dinner was ordered in and we had a quiet night with a movie. The next day started early with a hot cup of coffee and breakfast was Maggie cuppa mania which was ready in 2 minutes on the microwave. Getting ready in sports clothes ready to explore the activities and have some adventure we walked over to the mini mart and purchased a few tickets for rifling, cycling and boat riding over the lake.
Rifling was fun with 10 shots and I only got one atleast on the board the rest fell on the ground am not very good at aiming far or need more practice yet I was cery satisfied for having tried rifling with a real gun. I have donw ballon bursting which was a carnival game at the marina beach in chennaibin the year 2004 december just a couple of days before the tsunami hit the country. 9 years later the joy of rifling was really an unforgettable experience.
Next was the cycling, we got two bicycles for 3 hours and we were four of us Taking turns and cycling. Another experience was awaiting me. I have always told my hubby that I’ve rode a bicycle when I was 12 and haven’t even tpuched one since then so the talents is not practiced for a long time. My self confidence encouraged me to try cycling once again and as the proverb goe

self confidence is the prerequisite for great undertakings

I finally proved that I can ride a bicycle amidst my inability to attain the driving license due to lack of interest. Have I done it with an eagerness I would have been owning my dubai driving license as well and be happily driving through the roads of colombo and dubai exploring the country with no tension of speedy drivers and lack of taxi whenever I want a taxi.

Riding through the lanes at laya leisure was am unforgettable day.

My next activity was boat riding which was not fun yet enjoyable. I would recommend boat riding for honeymooners. Its peaceful and encourages a lot of talking while peddling together. My husband and myself are not those talkative type and never talk much. I sometimes wonder how people talk so much and assume that they are gossiping or backbiting.
Talking too much leads us toward those bad habits.

And finally it was the end of our trip and we packed our bags and headed down to colombo with peace of mind and lots of memories and ofcourse photographs. .

A bit more about laya leisure-
They have 3 sorts of cottages and you can go for 1,2,3 bedroom cottages or a honeymoon suite.
Either way you are not allowed to cook in the cottage and its compulsory to buy two buffet meal coupons.
All activities are for a fee and sport such as tennis, netball and other are free of cost.
The swimming pool is open for laya leisure cottagers.
There is a snooker area and kids play area adjoining the buffet area.
You are provided with tea, coffee, milk and sugar with utensils to make your morning coffee or tea.

Hope you enjoyed the post and here are some pictures-