Agar agar ; Ramadan Sweet

We call it sanja and the packets says it’s agar agar and now gelatine bars.
Whatever it’s called it tastes so good and looks colorful. It cooks very fast and sets with no refrigeration.
Here is how you do it basically.

1 pack agar agar
4 cups water
Sugar as required
Preferred color


1. Boil water in a pan.
2. Add agar agar and cook over a medium flame.
3  Add sugar when the mixture starts thickening slightly.
4. Once the mixture thickens add preferred color and pour on a flat tray.
5. Keep it covered and away from insects until it sets.
6. Once it sets cut into squares and serve.

Refrigeration is required when keeping more than a day.
Store different colors separately in different boxes.



Thats my sanja 🙂



Thats the raw sanja or agar agar.

Here are a few Ideas to make them look more beautiful and fun –

1. Add nuts and fruits to uncoloured sanja or agar agar. The will look yummy and lovely.

2. Add some sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar for a heavy texture and more enhanced sweetness.

3. Cut into different shapes to serve for kids parties.

Sri lankan falooda

I know two types of falooda one is the sri lankan one and the other is bombay version, am not quiet sure of the exact difference between the two yet I know for sure that both taste good in their own way. I make falooda at home which is our homemade version of sri lankan falooda and it’s with kasa kasa also known as black poppy seeds. Two years ago I celebrated my 1st ramadan in dubai by hosting an ifthar for friends and co workers of my husband and my husband taught me how to use agar agar with falooda. I really enjoyed it and ever since started following the same technique while making falooda.
Here is a quick and photogenic post on how to make it.
Prepare bowls with different colors.
Add agar agar into boiling water quantity to be followed according to instructions on packet.
Pour the agar agar mixture through a sieve over the prepared bowls. Mix well and let them set. As they set grate using a grater.
Sprinkle on top of a glass of falooda made with rose water, condensed milk and cool water.
In a few minutes see the colors seperate and create a shade of colors on your falooda.

How to make this agar agar –
Boil 4 cups of water
Add 1 pack agar agar and stir continuously until the agar agar melts and the mixture thickens.
To check consistency pour a drop onto a dry surface and see if it sets partially if so its ready to pour. Another way is to pour a drop onto a bowl of cold water if the drop curdles.
If so take off heat.
Add color after the mixture is thickened.